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The Major

The Global Health Major is interdisciplinary. All students take a core set of courses in addition to courses in two thematic tracks.

The Global Health Major is grounded in the investigation of global health priorities, concerns, disparities, and responses in diverse global contexts.  Coursework in the major emphasizes key aspects of global health using an interdisciplinary approach to analyze the underlying determinants of health, the relationship between public health and development, and public health practice.

how to complete the global health major

Download a PDF version of this major checklist from the side of this page.

All Global Health Majors must complete 10.5 courses including the following:


  • Introduction to Global Health (GLH 101)
  • Global Health Practicum (GLH 301)
      • usually taken in the junior year; prereq GLH 101

  • Senior Seminar (GLH 401)
    •  taken in the senior year; prereq GLH 301


one statistics course Chosen from the following

  • MATH 141, BIO 375, ECON 350, or PSY 241


Seven courses for focused study

  • Select two thematic tracks from the following themes.

Health in resource-poor regions
Ethics of global health interventions
Noncommunicable diseases and behavioral determinants of health
Biosocial determinants of health
Environment and human health
Population and family health
Global health statistics

  • Track 1:  Select four approved courses from two distinct disciplines.  One course must be at the 300-400 level.
  • Track 2:  Select three approved courses from two distinct disciplines.  One course must be at the 300-400 level.
  • Pre-approved courses

The courses below are approved by the Global Health Steering Committee for use in creating the Thematic Tracks in your major. Other courses may be acceptable. Please email one of the Program Directors if you have an inquiry about a course.

    • ANTH 151 – Human Cultures

      ANTH 257 – Culture, Medicine and Health

      ANTH 255 – Gender and Anthropology (prereq Anth151)

      ANTH 355 – Anthropology of Development

      ANTH 370 – Public Health in Africa

      BIO 102 – Evolution and Ecology

      BIO 361 – Immunology (prereq Bio 101 and 102)

      BIO 250 – Microbiology (prereq Bio 101)

      BIO 375 – Biostatistics (prereq Bio 101 and 102)

      BIO 382 – Neurobiology (prereq Bio 101 and 102)

      BIO – Select Topics Classes (likely to have a prereq)

      CHEM 240 – Structure and Function of Biomolecules, (prereq Chem 120)

      CHEM 343 – Advance Biochemistry (prereq Chem 240 and 260)

      CHEM 342 – Select Topics courses (0.5credit)

      HIST 285 – History of Science

      ECON 465 – Health Economics (prereq Econ 294, Econ 350)

      PHIL 230 – Ethical Theory

      PHIL 232 – Environmental Ethics

      PHIL 360 – Philosophy of Science (prereq 1 phil course, major in science, or permission)

      PHIL 234 – Biomedical Ethics

      POLS 170 – International Politics

      POLS 235 – Equality & Justice

      POLS 253 – China and India in the 21st Century

      POLS 352 –Politics of Developing Nations

      POLS 360 – African Politics

      POLS 382 – Global Issues

      POLS 384 – International Law

      PSY 100 – Introduction to Psychology

      PSY 214 – Statistics for Behavioral Sciences* (prereq Psy 100)

      PSY 252 – Drugs and Behavior (prereq Psy 100; not currently offered)

      PSY 260 – Social Psychology (prereq Psy 100)

      PSY 343 – Health Psychology (prereq Psy 100)

      SOC 100 – Contemporary Society

      SOC 210 – Gender and Society

      SOC 242 – Medical Sociology

      SOC 329 – Social Inequalities

      SOC 342 – Women, Health and Social Control (prereq 1 SOC course)



The writing requirement for the Global Health major consists of a portfolio of writings presented with a written reflection.  Portfolios will be reviewed by the Global Health steering committee for evidence of improvement and competence in writing in the major. Portfolios are due on the second Wednesday of May of the junior year.