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130 approved programs on 6 of 7 continents

Every academic year, around 100 DePauw students study off-campus for a semester or more.

Catherine Class of 2021 Studying abroad in Peru on a bridge

Students from all majors can study off-campus and earn credit towards an on-time graduation.

Second-semester sophomores, juniors and first-semester seniors are eligible to study off-campus for a semester. See cost information below.

Browse over 130 semester programs and apply now or read on for more information...


Semester-long programs allow for deep engagement in academic study, internship and research opportunities, and understanding of our interconnected world. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), employers are seeking talent who can demonstrate soft skills, like problem solving, leadership, initiative, adaptability, and ability to work in teams and across difference. The global marketplace also demands knowledge of foreign markets, and foreign language ability is considered an added bonus.


This is an interactive map that lets students look through potential programs that are in partnership with DePauw University. It covers all programs that are in the US and programs around the world. Each program has a detailed summary describing them along with links to places that allow you to learn more. In order to apply please search for them in DePauw's off-campus application and follow the below steps. Program availability can vary. 



  • Apply by the appropriate deadline:
    • Fall Semester Programs: December 1
    • Spring Semester Programs: March 1
  • Attend an off-campus study advising session, group advising session, or meet one-on-one with a Coquillette Peer Consultant in the Hubbard Center
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA
  • Keep good academic and community standards records
  • Declare your major(s) prior to Application
  • Complete, or be on track to to complete, all distribution requirements and competencies in a timely fashion
  • Meet prerequisites of the intended program

William Class of 2020 In Sydney Australia Studying Abroad HOW DO I APPLY?

  • Visit DePauw's off-campus application to review programs by field of study, location, language, or special features like internships.
  • Select a program that meets your academic and professional goals.
  • Discuss with your major and minor adviser(s) to review your program and statement of intent.
  • Make sure you meet eligibility requirements.
  • Apply for DePauw consideration by the published deadline.
  • Once Conditionally Approved by DePauw, submit an application to your chosen program by their posted deadline.
  • Complete all pre-departure requirements outlined by the Hubbard Center for Student Engagement by the established deadline.

A review committee made up of representatives from the Hubbard Center, Faculty, and Administrative Staff, may conditionally approve your application, or request a revision of based on feedback by the review committee, but only one revision will be allowed.

Upon conditional approval to study off-campus by DePauw, you may apply directly to the approved program. Conditional approval by DePauw does not guarantee approval by your chosen off-campus study program.

If you are seeking approval for a non-approved off-campus study program, contact the Hubbard Center for details and directions on how to proceed.


You may transfer credit from off-campus study in the following ways:

All coursework taken off-campus for credit will be reviewed by the Registrar's Office. Academic department chairs may approve credit transfer for courses toward the major or minor. Most departments will approve up to two major and one minor transfer credit. Elective credit will count towards the total credit graduation requirement. The Office of the Registrar will automatically award Extended Studies credit for a semester off-campus study if not yet awarded. 

Students may also earn Global Learning by complete a course taken abroad that meets the learning objectives of the Global Learning requirement. Review and approval of Global Learning course credit is done by the Course and Calendar Oversight Committee.


To withdraw from any off-campus programs, you must notify the Hubbard Center and withdraw your application in Horizons. You are also required to notify the program to which you applied. You will be responsible for any non-refundable fees assessed by the host program.

DePauw student named Joevita from the class of 2020 studying abroad in DIS CopenhagenCHANGING PROGRAMS

Program changes may be made on a case by case basis. A written explanation as to how the new program better meets your academic or professional needs will be required. Approval to participate in the first program does not guarantee approval for a change in programs.You should be mindful of program application deadlines and cancellation timelines with requesting a change in program.


Programs are organized into 4 tiers, depending on the application fee and tuition fee arrangement (see below). 

Tuition Fee

For the majority of semester off-campus study programs (*) you pay tuition the same as you would on campus, the same amount and payment arrangements. Similarly you receive financial aid according to the normal rules for financial aid at DePauw, as you would if studying on-campus.

The off-campus program then bills DePauw for tuition and academic fees for participation in the program.

*For Tier 4 programs DePauw applies no application fee, and the amount of tuition you pay is the Program's own tuition fee, not the amount you would normally pay at DePauw. DePauw Financial Aid and tuition benefits (tuition remission and exchange) are not eligible to be applied to Tier 4 programs. 

All tuition is billed via your DePauw account, and can be paid in the same way you usually pay. 

Non-tuition fees

You are responsible for paying directly all non-academic fees such as room, board, and, in some cases, optional field trips, lab fees, studio fees, books, and travel from and to the program site. You are responsible for any additional expenses not included in the host program bill. Costs can be obtained from the program directly. Estimated costs can be found on the program description page in DePauw's off-campus application pages at offcampus.depauw.edu.

SEMESTER Off-Campus Study Fee

In addition to the tuition above, you are billed by DePauw for an administrative Off-Campus Study Fee (between $0-$5000 depending on program) per semester studying at an approved program.

See the bottom of the page for a full list of programs by tier*. 

Fee Overview

Programs are organized into 4 tiers, depending on the application fee and tuition fee arrangement:


 DePauw application fee




DePauw Tuition (minus financial aid)



DePauw Tuition (minus financial aid)



DePauw Tuition (minus financial aid)



Program Tuition (not eligible for financial aid)

International travelers on DePauw sponsored activities are automatically enrolled in an international medical and accident insurance policy at no additional cost. The host program may require additional insurance coverage for an additional fee. 

International Travel Accident & Sickness Insurance: DePauw University is pleased to offer, at no additional cost, international travel accident and sickness insurance for students, faculty and staff participating in international programming through DePauw. All students traveling abroad for any DePauw-sponsored international off-campus program will be automatically enrolled in this coverage for the duration of their off campus program. The plan provides medical, security, travel interruption and cancellation benefits while you are temporarily away from home. This coverage is not health insurance and should not be used in lieu of any currently enrolled insurance policy. You should not cancel your current health insurance.

You are required to be enrolled as a full-time student while off campus (i.e., enrolled in the equivalent of at least three DePauw course credits off campus) to maintain full financial aid. School of Music students taking private lessons while off campus will be reimbursed for those lessons up to the cost of lessons at DePauw. Reimbursement requests must be submitted to the School of Music.

Meru Class of 2021 Studying Abroad in New York, New York, USASCHOLARSHIPS


DePauw Off-Campus Study Award Scholarships:

Off-Campus Study Awards may be available in amounts up to $1,700 for use to offset the Off-Campus Study Fee for Tier 2 and Tier 3 programs and towards the cost of a Tier 4 program. Consideration will be automatically given for all students participating in applicable programs based on financial need. No additional application is needed outside of the regular financial aid applications, such as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for domestic students.

Award determinations will be made by July 1 prior to the fall semester abroad and by October 1 for the spring semester abroad. Students will be notified directly of the award and their financial aid notification will be updated accordingly. Please note: the Off-Campus Study Award could later be replaced with a named award thanks to the generous support of university donors.

Feel free to contact the Financial Aid Office or call 765.658.4030 with questions about your financial aid.

External/Outside Scholarships:

There are many scholarships available. Please refer to the Scholarships page for more details.

Contact the Hubbard Center for assistance in applying for nationally competitive scholarships such as the Benjamin A. Gilman Award, Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) or Boren Awards.

Most off-campus study programs offer program-based scholarships, scholarships for specific goals, need-based scholarships and local scholarships.


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