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J. William and Katherine C. Asher Endowed Research Fund

The Asher Fund provides financial support for quality research investigations in psychological science.

J. William Asher is a DePauw Alumnus and Professor Emeritus of Education and Psychological Sciences at Purdue University. He is highly committed to undergraduate research in psychology at DePauw and has been a strong supporter of our program for many years. Because of his generosity, the Asher Fund has supported numerous research projects, including original research for student/faculty collaborations in the senior capstone, summer research experiences, and independent research projects on Winter Term and during the regular academic year. The Asher Fund has also provided support for faculty research on sabbatical and pre-tenure leaves, aided students and faculty alike to present original research at regional, national, and international conferences, allowed for the purchase of laboratory equipment and computers, and even contributed support to DePauw students engaged in off-site research. In recent years, the Asher Fund has supported research presentations at the annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Science (APS). Over the past several years, several students have been able to present and attend APS because of Dr. Asher’s support. Current estimates place the value of the Asher Fund at around $750,000. Most years, the Asher Committee allocates up to approximately $40,000 in funds for quality research investigations in psychological science. Some of the most recent allocations include:

  • DePauw faculty member Matt Hertenstein was awarded $739.50 for a student research assistant to help in the preparation of a book-length manuscript and Terry Bonebright was awarded $1,305 for a student to work as a Research Coordinator for the Perceptions Laboratory.
  • Four DePauw students were accepted to present posters at the annual conference of Midwestern Psychological Association in Chicago in May, 2014.  Students and presentations included: Chelsea Schumacher '15, "Argument Topics and Frequency in First-time Mothers and Fathers"; Jacquelyn Stephens '14, "Frequency and Topics of Worries during Pregnancy and Early Postpartum"; Laura Kooiman '14, "Investigating Breastfeeding Expectations and Efficacy in First-time Mothers"; and Kimberly Klee '14, "Unexpected Life and Relationship Changes in First-time Mothers".  Each of these students was allotted $590 for related expenses.  
  • DePauw students accepted to present posters at the annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Science in San Francisco in May, 2014 were allotted $1,100 each for related expenses.  Students and presentations included: Jack Burgeson '14, "Category Priming: Reading Reinforces Novel Category Representations"; Chelsea Ohler '14, "Invoking Mental Images: Category Priming"; Andres Munoz '14, "Using Sound to Cue Visual Attention in a Visual Display"; and Laura Kooiman '14, "Generation Me".  Faculty members Michael Roberts and Sharmin Tunguz were allocated up to $2,484.98 total for travel related expenses to attend the APS conference in San Francisco.
  • Jacquelyn Stephens '14 was awarded $35.10 for the printing of her poster "Frequency and Topics of Worries during Pregnancy and Early Postpartum" for the annual Showcase of SRF Poster Session.
  • Various Psychology faculty members were awarded over $1,560 to purchase different software and licenses to be used in research projects, including senior seminar projects.
  • DePauw faculty member Scott Ross was awarded $5,241.28 for partial expenses to attend and present at three conferences, including two international conferences, during the summer of 2014. 
  • Several seniors were awarded various amounts to help cover expenses associated with their senior seminar projects.  Among the Class of '14 students were Andres Munoz, Kalen Granger and Abena Benjamin, Rita Nikonova, Kelsey Christiansen and Joshua Champion, Jacquelyn Stephens, Laura Kooiman and Kimmie Klee, and Chelsea Ohler and Jennifer Evans.  Expenses included such items as printing, purchase of supplies and equipment, and gift cards for participants in research projects. 
  • Students who received $70.20 for printing of posters for the Annual Midwest/Great Lakes Undergraduate Research Symposium in Neuroscience in Crawfordsville, IN were Erin Minnick '15, Courtney Leeds '15, Sydney Cason '16 and Risa Kanai '16, "Song discrimination learning in zebra finches" and Zixuan Chen '15, Boyu Meng '15, Shannon Hall '16, and Tyler Huff '15, "Social influences on anxiety-like behavior in zebra finches. 
  • Henning Schneider, Professor of Biology, was awarded $4,500 to purchase a camera and various other equipment and supplies for Zebrafish Neurobehavioral Experiments. 
  • The Psychology Department was allocated $3,950 for expenses related to the 2014-15 Speakers Series. 

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