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J. William and Katherine C. Asher Endowed Research Fund

Application deadlines are:

Monday, September 21, 2020
Thursday, November 12, 2020
Monday, February 15, 2021
Monday, April 26, 2021

Please contact Jennifer Plew (jenniferplew@depauw.edu x4566) in the Psychology Department, 108 Harrison, if you have any questions.

Note: Your faculty sponsor must send an endorsement to jenniferplew@depauw.edu before your application will be reviewed. The endorsement need not be a formal recommendation letter but should briefly express the faculty member’s assessment of the project’s feasibility and merit, the student’s ability to complete the project, and the relevance of the project to the student's academic program. The student’s transcript will also be reviewed to make sure the student is in good academic standing.

Project Details:

A. Description of the project: Provide a description (maximum 3 double-spaced pages) of the project including objectives and procedures. Include a brief description of how your project will enrich DePauw's intellectual community (e.g., long-term or multi-use benefits of equipment, educational impact on campus, etc). Students should also include a description of the role your faculty sponsor will play in this project, and how he or she will support your research efforts.

B. Briefly explain the project’s relevance to Psychology.

C. If applicable, briefly explain how you will ensure that APA guidelines for the ethical treatment of subjects will be met.

D. Itemized budget for project expenses: (If this is a reimbursement request for monies already spent, explain why you did not apply to the fund before the project began, and provide receipts for the expenses.)

E. Project timeline: Indicate the approximate timeline of the project including when the requested funds will be needed and when they will be spent.

F. Alternative funding options for project expenses (e.g., FDC funds must first be used before applying to Asher; faculty should also explain why their PDF funds cannot – or only partially – be used for the expenses).