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Religious Studies

Religion is intimately related to such key aspects of communities as the structure of political power, economic organization, class structures, conceptions of gender, marriage, work and war.

In short, religion shapes both institutional order and the thought and behavior of individuals. The study of religion, therefore, is basic to the liberal arts and helps prepare students for a variety of career paths, including journalism, law, business, education and work in philanthropic and religious institutions. Courses on the history, scriptures, thought, practices and institutions of both Western and Asian religious traditions are key. Attention is also given to the interaction between religion and society and to the comparative study of religions. Religious studies may be a major, minor or bridge major, which involves coursework in religion with classes in another field or fields.

Sample Courses:

Introduction to Religions, New Testament, Buddhism, Death of God, Modern Hinduism, Liberation Theology.

Religious Studies Year End Dinner in May 2016

Religious Studies majors enjoy dinner with faculty.