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Environmental Fellows Program Application for Current DePauw First-Years

How to Apply

Lateral Entry for Current DePauw Students

Overview of Lateral Entry Process

Lateral entry is the process students use to apply to honors and fellows programs after they have started classes at DePauw.  We recommend submitting your application to the Environmental Fellows Program by early October so that you can be notified of a program decision in time to register for spring courses.  However, we will accept lateral entry applications as late as November 29, 2021.  Space is limited, so apply today! 

Lateral Entry Checklist

  • Two recommendations from DePauw faculty or staff members. Ask your recommenders for their permission to submit their names to envfellows@depauw.edu.
  • One essay of approximately 500 words about yourself, your interests and your understanding of a particular environmental issue.  Please refer to the prompts below and submit your essay to envfellows@depauw.edu.


Write an essay of approximately 500 words about a particular environmental issue and your personal and academic interests. 

 Your essay should address:  

  • one environment-related issue you’d like to explore at DePauw. Why does this issue intrigue you?  What diversity of academic subjects (think broadly) and hands-on experiences might you draw on to address the issue and why? 

  • your involvement in environmental studies and/or environmental issues in the past.  Describe a particular moment that reflects your interest in the environment   How does your experience inform your hopes for your future as a professional, a researcher, or an activist?

  • your distinctive background and perspectives that will enrich the environmental movement.  What about your own unique experience and identity will give breadth to our learning community?

As we read your response, we will be looking for evidence of the following:

  • your ability to think critically about complex issues.

  • your commitment to environmental studies over time.

  • your ability to give clear and specific examples.