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Environmental Fellows Program

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The most pressing challenges of our times require an understanding of the ways the environment sustains and intersects with every facet of our lives – science, technology, human health, war and peace, politics and culture. The Environmental Fellows Program is an integrative program that prepares students who care about environmental and sustainability issues to apply coursework and practicum experiences to act on those concerns in their life's work.  Fellows may choose any major.  When they graduate, they will be prepared to bring the depth of learning from their major together with a broad interdisciplinary understanding of the challenges facing our world.


Fellows learn how to approach environmental questions from a multidisciplinary perspective by taking environmentally focused classes from a variety of departments across campus.


In addition to many co-curricular activities, all fellows have a summer-long or full semester practicum that complements their academic program.


Fellows have numerous opportunities to develop their leadership abilities, highlighted by their work with other members of their cohort to develop a theme for a series of co-curricular activities that they will host in their junior year.


We strive to create a sense of community within the program focusing on our similar academic interests, and learning from one another through the diversity of our experiences.