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About the Program

The Environmental Fellows Program is designed to compliment your academic pursuit of any major that DePauw has to offer.


The Environmental Fellows Program is a four-year honors program for students who are interested in addressing the complex, interdisciplinary environmental challenges facing humanity today. 

During the first year, Environmental Fellows will participate in a environmentally focused first-year seminar.  Fellows will also attend luncheon discussions with faculty members, professionals, and their upperclassman colleagues.  


Sophomores will begin the process of fulfilling the summer-long or full semester practicum component of the program. This experiential learning opportunity could take the form of research with faculty, internships, or off campus study.  


As juniors, Environmental Fellows are expected to continue developing and exercising collaborative leadership skills by serving on a student advisory board. This will involve assuming responsibility for planning environmentally themed co-curricular events and activities to take place during the year.


Finally, seniors will take part in a capstone seminar that will call on them to integrate all the aspects of their environmental education.  Upon graduation, seniors will have completed six environmentally focused courses- three in the social sciences, humanities, and arts and three in the natural sciences.  



Additional Components

Each semester, Environmental Fellows attend special lectures, luncheons, and seminars sponsored by the Environmental Fellows Program and other organizations on campus. 

Please see our Speakers & Events section for more information and check out our calendar

Environmental Fellows choose between six environmentally focused courses - three in the social sciences, humanities, and arts and three in the natural sciences - to be completed before graduation. Courses change each semester.

Fall 2019

Social Sciences/Humanities/Arts

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Reading Literature: Science, Nature, and Technology
Literature and Theory: Advanced Topics: The Literary Anthropocene
Mythbusting Tropical Nature - A Global Environmental History
Environmental Ethics
Dig In! Alternative Agriculture, Foodways, and Justice


Evolution, Organisms, and Ecology
Earth and the Environment
Weather, Climate, and Climate Change
Introduction to Environmental Science
Energy and the Environment
Environmental Geology
Environmental Geophysics

First-Year Seminars

Biology Writing
Campus Sustainability 101
Climate Change and Philosophy

Previous Courses

Airs, Waters, Places: Classics and the Environment
Animal Ethics
Applied Hydrogeology
Aquatic Ecology
Environmental Communication
Environmental Conflict and Conflict Resolution
Environmental Crisis Narrative
Environmental Science Seminar
Insect Ecology
Introduction to Environmental Policy
Landscape Photography and Environmental Activism
Political Ecology
Sustainable Sculpture

The Environmental Fellows Program Handbook

Other Environmental Opportunities on Campus

Office of Sustainability

Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability connects our campus, the community, and the environment. Learn more about the Presidents' Climate Commitment, DePauw's Campus Farm, and other sustainability efforts taking place at DePauw!

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