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How Prospective Students Apply to the Environmental Fellows Program

Prospective Students

Incoming Students for Fall 2020.

Environmental Fellows Program applications received before or on February 1, 2020 will receive fullest consideration, although applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the Class of 2024 is filled. Should you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Amber Hecko at 765.658.4071 or at envfellows@depauw.edu. 

Application Checklist

Complete these three simple steps to apply.


  • You can apply to the Environmental Fellows Program before receiving an admission decision from the University.  If you're interested in being an Environmental Fellow apply now.  You will receive notification from our Office of Admission soon.




  • Write an essay of approximately 750 words about yourself, your interests, and your understanding of a particular environmental issue.  Please refer to the prompts below.

  • Save the file as your last name, first name (e.g., Goodall, Jane) as a Word or PDF file.


  • Should you encounter any issues or have any questions, please email Amber Hecko at envfellows@depauw.edu.





Please respond to the following prompts in an essay of approximately 750 words.  The committee will read your essay with an interest in the way you think about environmental and sustainability issues and may ask about your essay if you are selected for an interview. You are welcome but not required to consult outside resources as you develop your answer. If you do, be sure to cite them appropriately.  Your essay should address the following questions:

  • Identify one issue or problem facing the world today that you are eager to learn about during your four years at DePauw and to address in your life's work.  Explain what you take to be the nature of the challenge - the root causes, possible solution, and barriers to adopting such solutions.

  • Why does this issue matter?  In other words; what makes it urgent or important in a general sense?  And why does this capture your interest and concern in particular?

  • What academic subjects are crucial to understanding the issue you have identified, and why?  In addition to those subjects, choose a field of study that seems largely irrelevant to the problem or issue you've identified, and explain how it could be brought to bear on understanding or addressing that issue.

  • Diverse perspectives, experiences, and academic fields of expertise are necessary to understand and address the complex environmental and sustainability challenges facing our world.  What distinctive background, perspectives, or experiences do you bring that will enrich the learning community of the Environmental Fellows Program?

As we read your response, we will be looking for evidence of the following:

  • Your ability to express yourself clearly.

  • Your ability to give specific examples.

  • Your ability to think critically and creatively about complex issues.

  • Your commitment to environmental and sustainability studies over time.