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Gratefully Gold: DePauw's Million Dollar Challenge

During this difficult year, we have heard from many alumni in the Tiger family who have told us about both their personal challenges and their successes. One such alumni couple has been moved to donate a generous challenge gift of $1 million in an effort to expand the charitable spirit within the DePauw community. In a time when many of us, including our students, need a reminder of the spirit of Gold Within, we hope you can join us.

For generations, the heart of the DePauw community has been found in the connections we create — connections between students, engaging faculty and staff, and our valuable alumni network. Gratefully Gold: DePauw’s Million Dollar Challenge was established to encourage DePauw’s alumni and supporters to make an investment in strengthening the DePauw experience for our students through The Fund for DePauw.

Any gift to The Fund for DePauw received between December 8, 2020, and February 28, 2021, will be matched dollar for dollar up to $5,000. Monthly recurring gifts to The Fund for DePauw will be matched equal to the total value of your gift (up to $5,000) from December 8, 2020, through June 30, 2021, the end of DePauw’s fiscal year. (Read more below.)

Gratefully Gold

The Fund for DePauw

The Fund for DePauw supports every student, faculty member, and program on campus and gives us the flexibility to respond to the University’s changing needs, while making a personal and direct impact with your gifts.

You can choose to direct your Fund for DePauw support towards one of the following areas:

  • DePauw’s highest priorities
  • Student scholarships
  • Student experiences
  • Faculty and program support
  • General athletics
  • School of Music

Washington C. DePauw Annual Society members who make a Fund for DePauw gift of $5,000 or more qualify to participate in our named scholar program.

Give Now


Reunion Giving

What better time for you to be involved in giving back to DePauw? When you give to The Fund for DePauw in your reunion year, you’re making a larger impression with your gift. Imagine the impact your class can collectively make for current DePauw students.

Reunion Volunteer

By celebrating your reunion with us on campus in June, you’ll get a firsthand look at the immediate impact of your gifts to the DePauw community. Interested in becoming a reunion volunteer? Want to view participation rates and dollar goals from past reunion campaigns?

Christian Rivera

DePauw has shown me how to stand with individuals from all types of backgrounds and lead in diverse settings.-Christian Rivera

Parent Engagement

Parent Engagement

Parent involvement gives DePauw the flexibility to pursue its mission of educating students in an environment that embraces intellectual change and social experiences. The Parents Council serves as a vital link between families and the University while also helping raise funds for DePauw.

Matching Gifts

Double or triple the impact of your gift! Many corporations encourage their employees to be philanthropic by matching the personal gifts that they make to universities and other charitable organizations.

The Tiger Club

The Tiger Club generates financial support specifically for DePauw University’s 23 varsity sports programs. Gifts made to the Tiger Club provide the necessary funds to improve and maintain the quality of athletic equipment and facilities, while also impacting the ability to recruit and retain student-athletes of the highest caliber.

Support the Team

Student Philanthropy

Student Alumni Board

The DePauw University Student Alumni Board (formerly the Student Philanthropy Council) serves to educate the student body on the importance and impact of philanthropy, and supports The Fund for DePauw through various promotional and fundraising events.

Senior Gift Drive

The Senior Gift Drive provides student leadership opportunities, raises awareness about philanthropy and instills a greater appreciation for the philanthropic spirit and tradition of DePauw.

Students: Want to Get Involved?