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Endowed and Capital Giving

DePauw’s long-term strength and ability to provide a high-quality, residential, liberal arts education rely considerably on the University’s endowment.

Endowed gifts often establish scholarships and professorships or provide ongoing support for a specific academic, athletic or co-curricular program. 

DePauw’s endowment is a composite fund made up of contributions by many donors, past and present, who have chosen to invest in DePauw’s mission. The annual income available to DePauw from an endowed gift is approximately five percent of the gift’s market value.

Capital gifts maintain and improve DePauw’s physical environment including trees, lighting and walkways, buildings, classrooms and equipment.

Our environs are a key component of the DePauw Experience, not merely the background. They are the means through which we provide the best possible version of the DePauw academic and social experience.

Gifts in-kind are donations of materials or assets directly related to the mission of the University or readily convertible to cash to support the DePauw’s mission.

Memorial and in-honor gifts provide many options for recognizing a loved one, professor or staff member through your philanthropy. 

If you are interested in learning more about these giving options, contact the DePauw Office of Development at 800-446-5298 or email Executive Director of Development, Steve Trautman at

Ways to Make a Gift

A gift to DePauw is a meaningful statement of your belief in the mission of the institution and its ability to provide students with a transformative liberal arts experience.

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Donors Provide Opportunities

Philanthropic gifts to DePauw support scholarships, study abroad, student-faculty research and more. Students are grateful to the alumni and friends who support their opportunities.

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