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2019 Exhibits

For more information about past exhibitions, please visit the DePauw Media Database (photos.depauw.edu) and the News and Media page for press releases (depauw.edu/news-media/)

Tsetsegov Erasure 2

Tzetzegov Erasures (installation detail)
24 x 16 x 4 inches
porcelain, polymer clay, antique frame

Katherine L. Ross
October 21 - December 8, 2019
Peeler Art Center, Visual Arts Gallery

Katherine L. Ross (Kitty Ross) is a ceramic sculptor. Porcelain production for large installations addressing history, biological technology, disease and prophylaxis, genetic engineering, hybridization, and cloning is often combined with video, photography and mixed media. “I am interested in issues that raise questions for me. My work in the studio is a conversation between the materials, the subject, and me. I don’t need to answer the questions but I want to see how far the conversation can go. I want the viewers to engage in the conversation too. Porcelain intrigues me more than any other type of clay because of its history. Porcelain is a status symbol valued for purity and strength. It is elegant and expensive. I am interested in its role in economies, politics and culture. The work is moving towards performance and animal collaborations, taking the work outside of a gallery situation. The work becomes more abstract, open ended, and interactive."

Support for this exhibition is generously provided by the Efroymson Family Fund.
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The Art Happens Here exhibit cover art

The Art Happens Here: Net Art’s Archival Poetics
September 18 - December 6, 2019
Peeler Art Center, University Gallery (upper level)

The Art Happens Here: Net Art’s Archival Poetics” features sixteen works from throughout net art history, showcasing a wide range of forms—websites, software, sculpture, graphics, books, and merchandise—while offering a space for considering the internet as social process, material infrastructure, and lived experience. The works on view have been selected from “Net Art Anthology,” Rhizome’s major online exhibition featuring one hundred works that sketch a possible canon for net art. Presented online at anthology.rhizome.org, “Net Art Anthology” represents a major archival effort, leveraging Rhizome’s unique expertise in the history of network culture and the display and preservation of born-digital artworks. Open-ended, performative, and ephemeral, artworks that circulate on and respond to the internet often survive only as fragments and traces, offering glimpses of a larger networked context that can never be fully grasped.

The Art Happens Here: Net Art’s Archival Poetics has been organized by the Rhizome. Net Art Anthology was made possible by The Carl & Marilynn Thoma Art Foundation.

Painting Enlightenment exhibit cover art

Painting Enlightenment: Experiencing Wisdom and Compassion through Art and Science
September 13 - December 6, 2019
Peeler Art Center, University Gallery (lower level)

Painting Enlighten¬ment: Experiencing Wisdom and Compassion through Art and Science, features work by Japanese scientist and artist Iwasaki Tsuneo (1917-2002). The paintings create a contemplative journey-a meditation on the interconnectedness of the universe. Iwasaki collapses distinctions between image, text and thought with imagery representative of both scientific phenomena and Buddhist principles. The imagery is formed with characters from the sacred Heart Sutra text. lwasaki’s work expands the practice of copying sacred texts, a form of devotion with a long history in Japan. In his creative sutra copying, Iwasaki uses traditional Chinese characters to copy the text. Instead of separating the verses into vertical blocks, he reconfigures verses into images of DNA, lightning bolts, bubbles, atoms and ants.

This presentation of Painting Enlightenment is organized by Louisiana State University Museum of Art and is made possible by the Indiana Arts Commission, the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency; a grant from the Efroymson Family Fund; the Asian Studies Program at DePauw University; and the Arthur E. Klauser Asian and World Community Collection endowed fund.

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Lotz Maroon Bells

Maroon Bells
21 x 11-1/2 x 10 inches
ceramic and epoxy

Tyler Dylan Lotz
August 23 - October 13, 2019
Peeler Art Center, Visual Arts Gallery

Tyler Lotz’s sculptures and vessels have been shown in solo and group exhibitions at venues including the Elmhurst Art Museum – Elmhurst, Illinois, Harvey/Meadows Gallery - Aspen, Co, Dubhe Carreño Gallery - Chicago IL,  Cervini Haas Gallery/Gallery Materia - Scottsdale, AZ, Cross-Mackenzie Gallery - Washington DC,  Franklin Parrasch Gallery - NYC,  Santa Fe Clay – NM,  The Clay Studio – Philadelphia, PA, and SOFA Chicago.  His work has been presented abroad at The First World Ceramic Biennale Korea and 2010 Vallauris Biennale Internationale in Vallauris, France.  Tyler’s work has been acquired by collections including the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, in Missouri, and the Icheon World Ceramic Center in Korea. Publications including Ceramics Monthly, American Craft, Studio Potter and the Clay In Art International Yearbook have featured his work.  He has been an artist in residence at the Archie Bray Foundation and the Red Lodge Clay Center in Montana, as well as the Watershed Center for Ceramics in Newcastle, Maine.  In 2010, he was one of 12 international artists invited to make and exhibit work in Walbrzych, Poland as a member of the XXXIV International Ceramics Symposium “Porcelain Another Way.” Having received his BFA from Penn State and his MFA from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, Tyler is currently a Professor teaching at Illinois State University. 

Support for this exhibition is generously provided by the Efroymson Family Fund.
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Shaping: inspired timber creations exhibit cover art

Shaping: inspired timber creations
June 7 - August 1, 2019
Peeler Art Center, Visual Arts Gallery

Opening Reception June 7, 5:30pm to kick off First Friday in downtown Greencastle

Join us in the galleries as we celebrate several local Indiana artisans and their woodworking craft. Using one of the oldest manipulative materials, artisans in our own Putnam and surrounding counties breathe new life into wood through their functional and/or artistic creations. From chairs to tables to bowls to fine art, woodworking in our community takes many forms. Shaping offers a chance to share in showcasing these many talents.

Constructed Landscapes

Sonja Hinrichsen
Big Circle (from 'Snow Drawings'), 2009
digital print on paper
21 x 26 inches
DePauw University purchase

Constructed Landscapes
February 1 – August 1, 2019
Peeler Art Center, University Gallery (lower level)

Visit a museum today, and it’s likely that a major blockbuster exhibition of impressionist painting or perhaps documentary photographs will find the galleries crowded with visitors. Landscape, vis-à-vis observational artmaking, provides an accessible entry point for both casual and frequent museum goers. The subject matter is identifiable, relatable, and the many movements within the genre—including impressionism and hyperrealism—have withstood the test of time.
Yet, as with all art genres, the artist mediates the viewer’s understanding of reality and fiction through a complex balancing act of artistic and creative control. As viewers, how do we reconcile the role that artists play as arbiters of reality and artistic vision? Is the world of the artist’s landscape as simple as it might appear at first glance, or is there perhaps more complexity behind these seemingly simple renderings of the landscape?
Constructed Landscapes highlights over 50 works drawn from the DePauw University permanent art collection and asks us to meditate on one particular perspective: is the artistic landscape a true representation of reality, or is it simply a construct—an invention of the artist’s mind? Whether intended as memorial, analogy, historical document, or perhaps even a creative exercise, the artist’s landscape reminds us that the way we render and translate the world around us is critical to understanding our place in the 21st century.

Still from Lightning by Paul and Marlene Kos, b&w, mono, 4:3, ½” open reel video, 1976 copyright of the artist, courtesy of Video Data Bank at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Paul and Marlene Kos
Still from Lightning, 1976 
b&w, mono, 4:3, ½” open reel video
Image copyright of the artist 
Courtesy of Video Data Bank at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Repeat, Repeat: Gestures of Repetition in Video Art
February 1 – July 10, 2019
Peeler Art Center, University Gallery (upper level)

Repeat, Repeat: Gestures of Repetition in Video Art emphasizes repetition as a creative strategy. Comprised of early video works through today, Repeat, Repeat asks viewers to analyze not only the repetitive audio-visual elements, but also the use of repetition—and the tension it creates—as an art form itself.

Repeat, Repeat features eight works drawn from the DePauw University Permanent Art Collection and the Video Data Bank. This exhibition was made possible by the Arthur E. Klauser Asian and World Community Collection Endowment.

 2019 senior show

Senior Art Exhibition
April 19 – May 18, 2019
Peeler Art Center, Visual Arts Gallery

An annual exhibition featuring the work of graduating senior studio art majors.

Yaacov Heller David and Goliath

Yaacov Heller
David and Goliath, 1985
silver, gold and marble sculpture
17-1/2 (H) x 7 (W) x 11 (Depth) inches
Gift of Beverly McDermond

Tales of Triumph from the Old Testament: Victorious Stories of the Bible, by Yaacov Heller
April 5 - May 12, 2019
Peeler Art Center, 2nd Floor Case Display

Stories bring us together and allow us to create connections. The stories encompassed in this display of four silver sculptures by Yaacov Heller are from the Old Testament of the Bible, and share messages of victory, triumph, and the possibility of overcoming great odds.

These four sculptures, portraying stories of great victory and triumph, are just a small selection of all of the pieces by Heller in DePauw University’s collection at Peeler Art Center. In 1998, a donor named Beverly McDermond generously loaned fourteen of Heller’s silver sculptures to DePauw in loving memory of her husband, Robert C. McDermond, a 1931 DePauw alumnus.

House Life Project

We’re Open, Come In: The House Life Project
March 7 – April 9, 2019
Peeler Art Center, Visual Arts Gallery

From 2015 through 2017, the House Life Project (HLP) reimagined abandoned houses on Indianapolis’s Near Eastside as hubs for artistic practice and community collaboration. It was a flexible and collaborative project where artists and neighbors formed new relationships, strengthened existing ones, and pooled their creativity in order to examine tough questions related to the changing neighborhood. We’re Open, Come In: The House Life Project transforms the gallery into an inclusive and welcoming space that invites visitors to learn about the HLP, its methods, and its community. Through an array of artworks and interactive installations, the exhibition will spark conversations about neighborliness, housing inequity, and the ways in which art can and can’t facilitate social justice.    

Quotidian Artisanal Life: Coptic Textiles of Byzantine Egypt exhibit cover art

Unknown Artist
Coptic textile fragment of a tunic band showing animals and figures, 500 - 599
3-1/2 (H) x 6 (W) inches
Gift of Marjorie A. Pena

Quotidian Artisanal Life: Coptic Textiles of Byzantine Egypt
February 1 – March 24, 2019
Peeler Art Center 2nd Floor Case Display

The history of Coptic textiles can be traced to the 4th century in Egypt, where the Christian population of artisans wove wool and linen for decorative and practical uses. The term ‘Coptic’ is derived from the ‘Copts’ which were Christian Egyptians during the 4th-13th centuries AD in the early Byzantine to Islamic era in Egypt.

The fragments on display for this exhibit belong to the University Collection. To learn more about these and others in our collection, stop by 2nd floor of the Peeler Art Center.

Annual Juried Student Exhibition

Annual Juried Student Exhibition
January 31 – February 26, 2019
Peeler Art Center, Visual Arts Gallery

The Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition features works created by current DePauw students enrolled in studio art courses. The 2019 exhibition is juried by Hannah Barnes, Associate Professor of Art, Ball State University.