Arts at DePauw

Leading the way in diverse artistic expression and experiences.

Performing Arts Series

Soak in the creative performances of the world’s first-class musicians, dancers and artists. Always free and open to the public, you can experience the artistry of the likes of Scottish songwriter Rachel Sermanni, the Actors From the London Stage performing Shakespeare, and blues and soul singer Tad Robinson and his band.

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Kelly Writers Series

Attend the readings of world-renowned poets, playwrights and authors of fiction and non-fiction. Participate in open discussion and critical questioning to shape your worldview and think through new perspectives.

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Forge your path to a professional life in the arts. Students learn through hands-on experience and earn distinctive access to design, production and directing opportunities in five annual mainstage productions. Advance your craft in musicals, a festival of original plays, comedy troupes, insomniac theater and student productions.

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Peeler Art Center

Stimulate your spirit of inquiry and be enriched by the arts through a progressive array of collections, exhibitions and public programming. The Richard E. Peeler Art Center features three spacious galleries, a state-of-the-art auditorium for films and recitals, and studio spaces for pottery, sculpture, painting and photography.

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Showcase your creative and performance abilities across galleries and stages in an annual fall feast of arts offerings. ArtsFest connects and inspires writers, artists, thinkers and performers from the DePauw and Greencastle community, as well as array of worldwide visitors.

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Film Studies

Screen thought-provoking, critically acclaimed films, and discuss their implications with engaged audiences. Take your interests further as a film studies minor, studying the theory, contexts and dimensions of film and creating your own productions.

Degree Program

Upcoming Events

  1. 17 Nov
  2. 18 Nov
    Beyond the Concert Hall
    11:00am – 4:00pm
  3. 18 Nov
  4. 20 Nov
    DePauw University Orchestra
    7:30pm – 8:30pm
  5. 27 Nov
  6. 28 Nov
    American Prints Lecture
    11:40am – 12:15pm
  7. 28 Nov
    Woodwind Bash
    7:30pm – 8:30pm
  8. 29 Nov
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