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Diversity and Inclusion

Exploring and celebrating my identity—and yours.

At DePauw, we are a community of students, faculty and staff from a wide range of cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic and religious backgrounds. Creating a diverse and truly inclusive community calls on an entire campus --- students, faculty and staff at DePauw -- to shape this journey.

  • Our students hail from more than 40 nations around the globe, with international students making up approximately 10 percent of the student body
  • 19 percent of our student body is Pell eligible
  • 21 percent of our students identify as domestic students of color
  • 21 percent of DePauw's faculty is from a multicultural background 
  • 19 percent of our student body is First-Generation college students

With a long and proud history of diversity, DePauw advocates a college environment that explores differences. We embrace all demographics but diversity here goes far beyond that. Diversity extends to inclusion and the intentional interactions we have with people with life experiences distinct from our own. Our campus practices intercultural dialogue, celebrates different cultures and welcomes new ideas. Valuing, respecting and engaging in difference makes DePauw and its students better citizens of the world.

Commitment to Students and Bias Incident Reporting

Commitment to Students

DePauw is committed to supporting students in their intellectual and identity development. We promote intercultural dialogue, respect, inclusion and community. Our goal is to foster learning opportunities through engagement, advocacy, empowerment to assist in developing active citizens of the world who are skilled at engaging in dialogue and relationships with people who are different from themselves.


In efforts to log and respond to incidents on campus in a timely matter, all members of the DePauw community are encouraged to report moments of harm, hate, and violence. In the case of immediate danger, community members are encouraged to call 911. While campus response will vary depending on the nature of the incident, the safety and security of students is of our utmost concern. All reported incidents are immediately reviewed by the President's office and investigated by DePauw Public Safety.