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Diversity and Inclusion

Exploring and celebrating my identity—and yours.

At DePauw, we are a community of students, faculty and staff from a wide range of cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic and religious backgrounds. Creating a diverse and truly inclusive community calls on an entire campus --- students, faculty and staff at DePauw -- to shape this journey.

  • Our students hail from more than 40 nations around the globe, with international students making up approximately 10 percent of the student body
  • 19 percent of our student body is Pell eligible
  • Nearly 20 percent of our students identify as domestic students of color
  • 19 percent of DePauw's faculty is from a multicultural background 
  • 19 percent of our student body is First-Generation college students

With a long and proud history of diversity, DePauw advocates a college environment that explores differences. We embrace all demographics but diversity here goes far beyond that. Diversity extends to inclusion and the intentional interactions we have with people with life experiences distinct from our own. Our campus practices intercultural dialogue, celebrates different cultures and welcomes new ideas.   Valuing, respecting and engaging in difference makes DePauw and its students better citizens of the world.

“We aim to create a campus that encourages examination and dismantling of the historical, systemic and social barriers that inhibit inclusion and to respect and value the contribution of each person’s unique and multifaceted identity to the DePauw community. To reach these goals, DePauw aspires to provide a diverse and inclusive learning and living community that supports critical thinking and encourages all of its members to bring their own identities and life experiences to campus to engage actively, intentionally and respectfully with one another.” 2016-21 Campus Inclusion Plan.

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Day of Dialogue

DePauw Dialogue is an annual campus-wide event for faculty, staff and students to examine their individual role in building a shared community. On this day, we expand the classroom to the entire campus to come together and consider concepts that often are not explored as an entire campus community, such as bias, difference, privilege, and identity.

Diversity and Inclusion at DePauw

At DePauw, students, faculty, and staff are shaping dialogue centered in the belief that only by understanding and embracing those whose life experiences are different than one's own can a community truly meet its aspirations.