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Teaching Strategies For Remote and Mixed Environments

This page will be frequently updated to provide you with the most up-to-date strategies/technologies.

Contact FITS at fits@depauw.edu for assistance in employing these teaching strategies or access materials in DePauw's IT KnowledgeBase before they are actually needed. 

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Give a lecture/presentation

Have a Class Discussion

  • Use Google Meet or Zoom (for video / Web conferencing) in place of face-to-face discussion or small group work.

  • Create a class blog in Blogger for student interaction and discussion.

  • Use a Moodle Forum for posting prompt questions to which students can respond so they can interact with each other.

Assign Collaborative student Work

  • Create a Google Doc for students to work collaboratively for research and planning.

  • Use other resources for collaboration in Google Apps: Sheets, Slides, and Sites among others.

Collect Assignments

  • Use a Moodle Assignment to create a virtual space where students can turn in assignments for instructor viewing only.

  • Create a Moodle Forum to enable students to attach coursework that other students can access to provide peer feedback or responses.

  • Have students use Google Docs to share an assignment with the instructor

  • Send work directly to the instructor as email attachments

Administer Quizzes and Tests

  • Create online quizzes using Google Forms through which answers are fed into a downloadable spreadsheet.

  • Make online quizzes and tests in Moodle that all students can take simultaneously.

Lab Classes

  • Arrange alternate activities resembling the planned lab exercises.

Continue Grading

  • Use Moodle Gradebook to post course grades that students can access at anytime.

  • Provide oral feedback by recording comments in Audacity, or use VoiceThread for both the assignment and feedback.

  • Use Google Docs for assignments and providing feedback.

Hold Virtual Office Hours

  • Use Google Meet or Zoom to hold online office hours and advising appointments.

Distribute Announcements

  • Use Moodle's News Forum to post updates regarding when the instructor will be online or other information regarding the course.

Use Synchronous Technologies

  • Use online video conferencing through Google Meet or Zoom.

  • Create materials for documenting classes for ill students, which may be more practical than using synchronous technologies to interact with them during the illness.

Leverage Library Resources

Many of DePauw's library resources are available online. Information for connecting to resources from off campus is available at Off-Campus Access.


Last updated: 31-July-2020