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Cable Television

Beginning October 20, 2014, a digital television, DVR, or any other device will be required to have a QAM tuner to watch DePauw cable programming. You are encouraged to review your owners manual to see if your device has a QAM tuner. 

Television Compatibility

QAM Tuner - Required

A QAM tuner is a device used by televisions and computers so they can receive digital cable TV through a physical cable. There are two methods for receiving digital cable TV:

  1. Over-The Air or OTA digital cable is sent from your local television provider over the airwaves and is "read" by a digital cable receiver attached to or inside your TV set.
  2. A QAM tuner is a receiving and modulating unit that has a physical cable attached to it that enables your TV to read the digital signal. Go to Campus Televideo FAQs to learn more.

NTSC - Not Compatible

The National Television Standards Committee or NTSC is the first standardized television broadcasting and video format in the United States. It was adopted in 1941 and approved by the Federal Communications Committee (FCC) as the standard for broadcasting in the U.S. Since NTSC was originally developed without consideration for the eventual addition of color, the implementation of color into the NTSC format in 1953 highlighted this as a weakness of the system prompting many professionals to dub NTSC as "Never Twice the Same Color". The United States, Canada, Mexico, some parts of Central and South America, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea have designated NTSC as the official analog video standard.

Learn more at About Technology - NTSC.

ATSC - Not Compatible

An Advanced Television Systems Committee or ATSC tuner allows for the reception of digital ATSC signals, which is the type of signal that is broadcast over-the-air by television stations in the United States. ATSC tuners are found in many consumer electronic devices including TVs, VCRs, DVD recorders, and Blu-ray players. As of March 1, 2007, all consumer electronic devices that include a tuner are required to have an ATSC tuner due to television stations no longer broadcasting analog (NTSC) signals as of June 12, 2009.

Learn more at About Technology - What is ATSC?

Digital Converter Box

There are many digital converter boxes on the market so it is important to carefully read the specifications from the manufacturer to ensure the box you are purchasing has a QAM tuner. Amazon as well as many other retailers have a selection of digital converter boxes available to the consumer. 

Incompatible Devices*

The following devices have a low-quality QAM tuner and are not recommended for DePauw cable programming:

  • Access HD DTA1080
  • Digital Stream DTX9950
  • iView STB1000
  • iView STB2000

Digital Televisions*

We would like to thank Case Western Reserve University for their efforts in compiling the following list of digital televisions that is based on staff and student reports. Although it is not a complete nor a scientifically tested list, it may be useful as a reference point as long as you verify the device specifications before making a purchase.

  • Dynex - Limited models include QAM tuners.
  • Insignia - Limited models include QAM tuners.
  • LG - Most models manufactured since 2007.
  • Samsung - All models manufactured since 2009 (5th digit of model number must be B or higher).
  • Sony -  Most models manufactured since 2007.
  • Sylvania - Does not have a QAM tuner.
  • Toshiba - Most models manufactured since 2007.
  • Visio - Recent models contain QAM tuners.
  • Westinghouse - May require QAM tuner activation.

Learn more at *Case Western Reserve University.

Online Guide

DePauw University - Cable (46135) TV Listing at Zap2it

DePauw - Cable Channels

Printable version of DePauw University Digital Cable Guide

 Image of digital channels listing


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