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Curricular Events & Activities

Services are available to the campus community for curricular or instructional purposes at no charge. Consumable supplies (e.g. CDs, DVDs, etc.) are available "at cost" as noted in the table found below.

Non-curricular Events & Activities

Non-curricular services (e.g. individuals, student groups, and non-DePauw community members) are available as noted in the table found below. Note: Media Services does not provide support for bands or dj's.

Audio Setup

Ballroom, Blackstock, Daseke, Emison, Hoover Hall Dining Area. Hoover Hall Wallace Stewart, Indoor Tennis and Track, Julian Atrium, Meharry, Neal Fieldhouse, Prindle Auditorium/Great Room $25
Amplivox Speaker 6.5" (includes wireless handheld mic, handheld mic, CD player, iPod input) $60
JBL 10" $60
JBL 15" $65


Hard wired microphone $10
Hard wired lavalier $10
Wireless handheld microphone $20
Wireless lavalier microphone $20
CD player $20
iPod connection Free
Digital Marantz recorder $20
Staff operator on site $25 per hour
Student operator on site $15 per hour

Data Projector Setup

60" flat panel cart $65
Data projector and portable screen $65
Data projector and installed screen $55
Data projector and 9'X12' screen $80
DVD player $20

Phone and video conferencing

Conference phone $25
Web camera $20


Data projector/screen $55
Data projector without screen $40
DVD $20
Amplivox speaker $60
Anchor speaker $30

Video Recording

Includes a complimentary copy and a copy for Archives $30

Post Production

CD to CD duplication charge $1
CD-R $1
Disc printing $1
CD single case $1
CD double case $1.50
DVD to DVD duplication charge $1
DVD-R $1
DVD+R dual layer $1.50
DVD single case $1
DVD double case $1.50
DVD/CD paper sleeve Free
Hi-8 duplication $1
8GB SD card $8
8GB USB drive $8
Revised 7/10/2017