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Shibani Bathija '90 is "The Writer of the Moment," Declares Outlook India

Shibani Bathija '90 is "The Writer of the Moment," Declares Outlook India

September 4, 2006

shibani bathija.jpgSeptember 4, 2006, Greencastle, Ind. - "If you talk to Shibani Bathija, she'll tell you that life is all roses and champagne," notes an article in Outlook India magazine. "Her debut film Fanaa, and now Karan Johar's KANK, made it to blockbuster grade this year. Of Bathija, a 1990 graduate of DePauw, Namrata Joshi writes, "Shibani is the writer of the moment. She herself finds the whole experience 'unreal'."

The story, which profiles several women in India who are writing screenplays, appears in the September 11 issue. It continues, "For someone whose dad, Raj Bathija, made films like the Rajesh Khanna-Mumtaz starrer Roti, the move to Bollywood took its own time. Shibani [earned] a bachelor's degree in English from DePauw University in the U.S., followed it up withOutlook India Sept 11 2006.jpg a masters in film and television from San Francisco State University. A stint in advertising and then as a creative developer with Sony followed till she wrote a film script, showed it to friend Karan Johar and found herself getting a break with Yashraj. 'I didn't have to spill blood, sweat and tears to find work,' she says. 'But despite a filmi background, I came to Bollywood the circuitous way'."

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