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TGL -- Featuring Two DePauw Students -- is mtvU's 'Artist of the Week'

TGL -- Featuring Two DePauw Students -- is mtvU's 'Artist of the Week'

March 13, 2007

TGL 2006.jpgMarch 13, 2007, Greencastle, Ind. - mtvU's "Artist of the Week" is TGL, a four-member band that includes DePauw University students Will Cath (drums) and John Sibbitt (guitar and vocals). TGL will be featured on the network's home page and spotlighted on The Freshmen, mtvU's weekly rundown of new music videos from artists bubbling up on the college scene, hosted by Kim Stolz.

By virtue of being named "Artist of the Week," TGL has also been entered into the "Artist of the Year" competition, which will offer the top college act in the country a promotion, video, tour and record deal from mtvU and Epic Records worth up to $1.5 million. A field of the top 50 college artists will compete for this coveted opportunity beginning late this month, with college student voting playing a key role in determining who wins the grand prize. The "Artist of the Year" winner will be unveiled and debut with a live performance on NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien in May. An album, two music videos and a tour are also part of the prize package.

"TGL's sound is unique and feels authentic and compelling," Ross Martin, head of programming at mtvU, tells The DePauw. "Their music is really fun to listen to, and they have a great energy. Though I've never seen them live, I'm dying to," he adds.Mtv_U.jpg

"We're really excited to be in this contest," Sibbitt tells the newspaper. "It has huge rewards."

Visit mtvU, MTV's 24-hour college network, online here, and access TGL's page here. Read more about the band in this previous story.

TGL opened for Jack's Mannequin in an April 5, 2006 concert at DePauw's Lilly Center.