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More Companies Banning Cell Phones During Meetings, Reports Steve Langerud

More Companies Banning Cell Phones During Meetings, Reports Steve Langerud

March 13, 2013

"As cardinals from all over the world gather to decide on the successor to Pope Benedict XVI, the use of cellphones is strictly forbidden," reports MarketWatch today. "Call it the cardinal rule: The digital wall of silence surrounding the papal conclave may be catching on in the corporate world, as well."

Increasingly, companies are banning the use of smartphones and other devices during important meetings, writes Quentin Fottrell. "The bottom line, says Steve Langerud, a workplace consultant and director of professional opportunities at DePauw University in Greencastle, Ind., is that the word in the board room at many companies is now, 'If you’re going to be present for meetings, leave your phone in your office.' langerud steveObviously, going cold turkey on Facebook and Twitter -- even during important staff or board meetings -- isn't easy for some. Employees rely on their phones much like a virtual security blanket, Langerud says, as well as using tablets and smartphones for work."

Access the full article -- "CEOs join papal conclave in no-phone zone" -- here.

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Source: MarketWatch