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Blue Mind by Wallace J. Nichols '89 Among "5 Hot Summer Beach Reads"

Blue Mind by Wallace J. Nichols '89 Among "5 Hot Summer Beach Reads"

June 30, 2017

Blue Mind: The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected, and Better at What You Do, by 1989 DePauw University graduate Wallace J. Nichols, is listed among "5 Hot Summer Beach Reads" in South Carolina's Charleston City Paper.

"The incredibly lengthy title aside, Blue Mind details the mental and physical benefits of being near the sea," notes the publication. "Earlier this year, Wallace was invited to speak at the South Carolina Aquarium's Holland Lifelong Learning series to discuss the research and findings that went into his nonfiction book that delves into the calming effects of the sea. At the very least, Blue Mind will offer up a few more excuses for why you spend all your time at the beach."

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Dr. Nichols, a research associate at the California Academy of Sciences, is responsible for pioneering research on the migration of sea turtles. In addition to his best-selling book he has authored and co-authored more than 50 scientific papers and reports, and his work has been featured in National Geographic, Scientific American, Outside, TIME and Newsweek, and he was seen in Leonardo DiCaprio's documentary, The 11th Hour.

Nichols delivered the principal address to the University's Class of 2010, "You Are Lovers and Fighters." Video of the speech is embedded below.

Source: Charleston (S.C.) City Paper