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Contact Academic Affairs

The main office, reception area and meeting facilities for the Academic Affairs Department is located in the Percy Lavon Julian Science and Mathematics Center, Suite 377. Staff members with alternate or additional office locations are noted below.

Our current in-person office hours are:

Monday - Friday, 8am – Noon and 1pm-5pm
(Office closing for lunch daily from Noon -1pm)

If you need to reach us outside of these hours, please send your request here. 

Dave Berque 
Vice President for Academic Affairs
E: VPAA or Dave Berque
P: 765.658.4359

Carol Cox
Coordinator for Faculty Personnel Policy and Review
E: Coordinator or Carol Cox 
P: 765.658.4363

Bridget Gourley (Additional office also located within Chemistry area, Julian 354)
Dean of the Faculty and Percy Lavon Julian Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
E: Dean of Faculty or Bridget Gourley
O: 765.658.4359

Ben Hogan
Director of Academic Operations
E: Ben Hogan
P: 765.658.6595
Erna Nobles
Academic Projects Coordinator
E: Erna Nobles
P: 765.658.4365

Valerie O'Hair (Julian 376)
Assistant Director of Sponsored Research and Institutional Grants
E: Valerie O'Hair
P: 765.658.4159
Ash Puzzo (Asbury Hall 214 and 115C)
Q-Center Director, Part-time Assistant Professor of Philosophy, and Coordinator of University Award Convocation
E: Ash Puzzo 
P: 765.658.4371

Clarissa Peterson (Academic office: Harrison Hall 108C)
Associate Dean for Academic Strategic Processes and Projects and Professor of Political Science
E: Clarissa Peterson
P: 765.658.4807 

Brenda Rogers
Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs, English, Film Studies and WGSS
E: Brenda Rogers
P: 765.658.4359 

Scott Spiegelberg 
Dean of Academic Programs, Assessment and Policies and Associate Professor of Music
E: Dean of Academic Programs or Scott Spiegelberg
P: 765.658.4359

Tony Tillman (Julian 308)
Dean of Student Academic Success and Equity
E: Tony Tillman 
P: 765.658.4610

Corinne Wagner (Julian 373)
Director of Sponsored Research and Institutional Grants
E: Grants or Corinne Wagner
P: 765.658.4091

Becky Wallace
Faculty Development Assistant
E: Faculty Development or Becky Wallace
P: 765.658.6555