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Student-Faculty Summer Research

Applications cannot be saved to complete later.

Application is due March 3, 2021 for Summer 2021 awards.

If you check any of these boxes please be sure you include an Asher project fit statement. For example, if you selected the Asher Fund for Humanities, please articulate the humanities component of your work. If you have chosen multiple Asher Funds, please explain the connection to each category. Also, please briefly describe how the project benefits student(s).

Faculty Member Application

For this part of the application a single document should be written that includes the following five items:

1. Title and abstract:

Please provide a title for the project and an abstract of no more than 300 words. This will be placed on the Faculty Development website and should be appropriate for a general audience. If you have any pictures that would help explain the project, we would like to have those for use on the site as well.

2. Project description:

Please describe the project including objectives and procedures in a maximum of four double-spaced pages. You should also provide a brief description of your qualifications for the project and how the project fits into the context of your professional development.

If you are requesting funding for more than one student, please explain why and rank order the students in terms of importance for the completion of the project. If you have any supporting documents, you can upload those in the space provided below.

If this project involves in-person work on DePauw's campus or elsewhere please add a paragraph with a contingency plan should the ability to do in-person work change because of COVID-19.

3. Product:

Describe the specific product that will be submitted at the project's end. Final reports should be submitted by the first Thursday in September following the summer research.

4. Budget:

Provide a budget for expected project supplies/expenses. (The budget cannot be more than $500.)

5. Concurrent projects:

List all FDC, Dean's or external grants you currently hold for which you have not submitted a report and give the status of these project(s). If you hold current awards or are requesting funding for multiple projects, you should include a statement explaining the relationship between the projects.


If you are using human or animal subjects for this research, you will need to have IRB or IACUC approval before you begin data collection.

Student Application

Faculty sponsor should review and upload the student's application.


Please note that transcripts will be reviewed to make sure you are in good academic standing and have no incomplete grades in regular semester courses.


The project needs to fall within the time frame during which student summer housing is available. If not, special approval must be given in advance. University budget policy states that students may not be employed by DePauw in another position while working under the summer research program in a full-time capacity. Consult the Faculty Development website for specific information. Also students may not attend classes or be employed off campus by another employer if either of these activities interfere with the time required for the project.