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Seeking External Funding

Effective July 1, 2016

All DePauw faculty, staff, or students considering submitting proposals, pre-proposals, or letters of intent for external funding from governmental, corporate, or nonprofit sources need to provide the information listed below to the Director of Sponsored Research and Institutional Grants (grants@depauw.edu) at least three business weeks prior to the submission deadline (allowing extra time for campus breaks or PI (Principal Investigator) /PD (Project Director) vacations). If subcontractors* or presidential endorsement are involved please provide the information four business weeks in advance. This information is needed in order to ensure clear and consistent communication, provide timely review and submission of proposals, and coordinate and align institutional efforts for the proposal.  The Director of Sponsored Research and Institutional Grants is committed to supporting and aiding faculty, staff, and students in their grant ideas.  If you have questions about the grant process, please don’t hesitate to e-mail grants@depauw.edu or stop by Julian 133.

To begin this process, please complete the External Funding Form, save, and send to grants@depauw.edu.

This form requires the following information:

  1. Proposal deadline, whether proposal hard copies are required, and who will submit the final grant application (PI/PD or Office of Academic Affairs)
  2. Name(s) of principal investigator(s)/PI(s) or project director(s)/PD(s)
  3. Funding source and link to proposal guidelines/solicitation (or attach guidelines)
  4. Brief description of proposed project and how it serves DePauw’s core mission (about 100 words)
  5. Estimated fund request and estimated matching funds required from DePauw
  6. Departments/offices at DePauw whose support will be necessary for the project
  7. Names and contact information of any subcontractors*
  8. Obligations DePauw assumes in order to continue the project after the expiration of the grant
  9. Whether the project coincides with a regularly scheduled pre-tenure or sabbatical leave or requires a course reassignment or protected project/research time.
  10. Whether presidential endorsement is required by the funding source

Once the above information is reviewed, the Director of Sponsored Research and Institutional Grants will provide approval to proceed with planning and will inform the Office of Academic Affairs, which will review and provide feedback as needed throughout the grant-writing process until final submission. In cases of proposals to corporate or private foundations such as the Lilly Endowment and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Director of Sponsored Research and Institutional Grants will contact the Office of Development and Alumni Engagement for approval to proceed with planning and subsequently to review the request for support and to seek the endorsement of the Office of Finance and Administration and the Office of the President, if necessary.

*A subcontractor is an external agency to which DePauw will award money from the grant. A subcontractor is generally responsible for developing the grant project with the PI and will perform a substantive portion of the statement of work/proposed project. This is different from a purchased service contract.  If you have questions on whether you might have a subcontractor please contact grants@depauw.edu.