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Mentor Program

Mentors serve as a tremendous source of support to first-year students.

Each First-Year Seminar has an upper-class student leader - called a Mentor - who works with the students in the seminar outside of the classroom. Mentors promote intellectual, social and personal development of first-year students during their entire first year at DePauw. Mentors serve as excellent resources for first-year students as they begin navigating their way through the University. These student leaders engage their Mentor Groups in team building activities that allow for the group to become close and serve as a source of support for one another. 

The students that comprise the mentor program have diverse fields of study, backgrounds, interests and are involved in many different leadership activities across campus. One thing they have in common is a commitment to helping each and every first-year student make a successful transition to DePauw. They recognize that this transition is difficult, and they want to play a part in connecting the newest members of our community to resources that can be supportive during that transition process.