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Academic Standing

The Committee on Academic Standing reviews all students whose semester, cumulative or major GPA falls below a 2.0 or who were below a 2.0 the preceding semester. The committee clears students who were previously on probation when they regain a 2.0 average in all areas.

Students whose semester, cumulative or major GPA is below 2.0 are placed on academic probation. In addition, students whose academic programs require student teaching are warned if their cumulative grade average is below a 2.5. Various support mechanisms are provided to students in academic difficulty.

Students are required to select a major by the sixth week in the second semester of the sophomore year. The Committee on Academic Standing will take appropriate warning actions in the case of students who have failed to do so by the end of the sophomore year. The committee may also require students who fail to demonstrate satisfactory progress toward the major to drop that major and select a new major before continuing at DePauw.

Students who achieve below a 2.0 in two consecutive semesters, receive less than a 1.3 any given semester or do not make satisfactory progress are subject to academic suspension. Students are also subject to suspension if the cumulative GPA at the close of the:

  • second semester is below a 1.3
  • third semester is below a 1.65
  • fourth semester is below a 1.80
  • fifth semester is below a 1.85 and/or unsatisfactory progress is made in the major
  • sixth through eighth semester is below a 1.9 and/or unsatisfactory progress is made in the major

Students who are suspended are notified by the committee in writing; they may appeal the decision if there are extenuating circumstances.

Students who are suspended for academic reasons may apply for readmission after being away one semester; however, experience has shown that in many cases a full year's separation from DePauw increases the probability of academic success. Students are evaluated on their demonstrated readiness to return to DePauw's academic environment and the likelihood of their eventual successful completion of a degree in a timely manner. Addition criteria the readmission committee uses includes:

  • student's insight into what caused the original academic difficulty
  • evidence that the things that prevented successful academic performance previously have changed positively
  • the amount of time spent away from DePauw and how productively it has been used (statements from employers or others may be requested)
  • academic achievement that, if undertaken, has improved substantially.