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Academic Suspension Appeals

Students who have been suspended for failing to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards may appeal the decision. Appeals must be submitted in writing. Students are not allowed to attend the appeals meeting or to present their appeal in any other way than in writing to the Academic Standing Committee. Approximately two weeks after final grades have been submitted, the Academic Standing Committee meets to consider appeals. In its consideration of an appeal, the Academic Standing Committee is primarily concerned with whether the student seems likely to be academically successful in the future. In its deliberations, the committee considers the following information:

  • Written appeal
  • Academic record
  • Supporting documents from DePauw faculty and staff members and health care providers

Written  Appeal

Your written appeal should focus on your plan for improving your academic performance and meeting the Satisfactory Academic Performance criteria. You must show the committee that you have a clear understanding of what it will take to graduate. Because of your academic difficulties, you might be below the minimum grade point average required to graduate or complete your major, you might be behind in credit, or you might need to switch to a major better suited to you. You need to show the committee that you understand what you need to do and are ready to do it.

Your written appeal may also review your academic performance for the previous semester. This review should demonstrate that you have gained insight into the causes of your poor academic performance and understand how to deal with these issues and improve your performance. Be sure to include in your review a discussion of what went well for you academically. You need to show the committee that you have strengths you can build on

Academic Record

Your academic record consists primarily of the courses you have taken and the grades you have received in them. At its review of your appeal the committee will have your advising transcript, which allows us to see how you’re progressing toward completing degree requirements, and your grade history, which shows your academic performance from semester to semester. The committee may also consider enrollment information (course requests, registration adjustments, etc.) and petitions you have submitted to the Petitions Committee.

Supporting Documents

You may provide or solicit supporting documents from DePauw faculty and staff members, as well as health care providers if you have cited medical issues. Remember, the committee focuses on your academic performance and plan for graduating; be sure to ask only for supporting documents relevant to your academic performance.

Supporting documents may be included with the appeal or you may ask that they be sent to the Registrar's Office, which collects materials for appeals and presents them to the Academic Standing Committee. Documents may be submitted by email (registrarsoffice@depauw.edu), FAX (765-658-4139), or mail (Registrar’s Office, DePauw University, 313 S. Locust St., Greencastle, IN 46135). In your written appeal, you should include a list of supporting documents you expect us to receive.