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Center for Teaching & Learning


The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is dedicated to supporting DePauw’s faculty members in their teaching by assisting them in developing new courses, by supporting them in exploring innovative pedagogies, and by providing resources to help them in assessing student learning.  As teacher–scholars dedicated to the development of student–scholars, the Center works with faculty members to encourage innovative teaching methods that create dynamic learning environments for our students.


The Center for Teaching and Learning provides individual and confidential consultations for faculty on classroom issues.  We also provide classroom observation as part of the consultation process or merely as another avenue for faculty members to receive feedback on their teaching. FITS (Faculty Instructional Technology Support) can help faculty think about and use new and emerging technologies to enhance teaching and student learning. The Center also acts as a repository for literature on pedagogy.  From handbooks highlighting “best practices” to scholarship on teaching and learning, the CTL can guide faculty to the resources that can help develop lasting and effective pedagogical practices.


Teaching Roundtable Using "They Say/I Say" in FYS Courses

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New York Times/The Education Issue: Is College Tuition Really Too High?

Interesting NYT piece about the costs and benefits of college tuition

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Teaching Roundtable Online Learning Alternatives for Student Polling and Strategies for Managing Distraction

Join Tim Cope, Hilary Eppley, and Jin Kim for a demonstration and discussion of "Online Learning: Alternatives for Student Polling and Strategies for Managing Distraction."

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The Unwritten Rules of College

As an increasingly broad and diverse cross section of students enters higher education, knowing those rules matters more than ever.

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Professional Development Roundtable Navigating ADA Accommodations in the Classroom

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Getting Them to Read Our Comments

Emphasize process over product and your students will, too.

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Teaching Roundtable Rethinking Classroom and Learning Spaces

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