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Personnel Policies

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      (Some sections by faculty action; others by administrative decision; and some sections developed mutually.)

      DePauw University strongly affirms the principles of academic freedom and tenure as stated in the 1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure, with 1970 Interpretive Comments of the American Association of University Professors. (See AAUP Redbook, 9th Edition, pp. 3-7.)

    1. Appointment
    2. Periodic Evaluation (Article written and approved by the faculty)
    3. Guidelines for Term, Interim, Tenure and Promotion Reviews
    4. Procedures for Term, Interim, Tenure, and Promotion Reviews
    5. Criteria for Decisions on Faculty Status (from 2004-05)
    6. Criteria for Decisions on Faculty Status (prior to 2004-05)
    7. Standards and Procedures for Termination: Release, Dismissal and Non-reappointment
    8. Reconsideration and Review in Release, Dismissal, and Non-Reappointment Cases
    9. Faculty Grievance Process
    10. Appendices to Personnel Policies