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Evaluation of Faculty Members in Probationary Tenure-Track Positions

  1. Following the end of each academic year of a faculty member's probationary period, he or she shall submit to the Dean of the school or the department chair, a written annual report providing a self-reflective evaluation of his or her performance for that year relative to the criteria for tenure. A written response to the faculty member shall be made by the dean or chair following the consultation and written report.
  2. At the end of each semester of the probationary period, faculty members shall arrange to have student opinion surveys conducted in each course, according to procedures approved by the Committee on Faculty and the administration. These surveys will be kept with the personnel file used by the Committee on Faculty and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Copies will be sent to the faculty member, the chair of the department, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  3. Requests for special leaves; reassigned time for research, service, and innovative teaching programs; and grants for research projects, equipment, and continuing education are reviewed by designated faculty committees and approved by appropriate university officers if they lead toward professional development of the faculty member and further the goals of the University.
  4. Interim evaluation. At the mid-point of the probationary period, an interim evaluation shall be made according to the following schedule.
    Probationary Period......Interim Review
    • 6 years..........3rd year
    • 5 years..........3rd year
    • 4 years..........2nd year
    • 3 years.........At the faculty member's option unless requested by the chair,
      the Committee on Faculty, or the Vice President for Academic Affairs
  5. Tenure evaluation. In the final year of the probationary period, the tenure evaluation and decision are made, according to stated procedures and criteria.