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All About Me: Leveraging Atomic Learning for Self-Directed Professional Development

Discover how you can learn new skills at your own pace and convenience by accessing 1-3 minute step-by-step tutorials on over 250 applications through DePauw’s subscription to Atomic Learning. (Hands-on; 45 minutes)

Communicating through Email

Learn the basics of your Google Apps Mail account including helpful tips for organizing your inbox with labels, using filters, setting up auto-reply, and customizing your mailbox settings. (Hands-on; 30 minutes)

Connecting through Social Media

Creating a LinkedIn profile to connect with other professionals. (Hands-on; 30 minutes)

Creating Surveys, Questionnaires, and Applications

Discover how you can use Google Forms to create online surveys, questionnaires, and applications. You will also learn how to apply themes, options for distribution, and how responses are aggregated. (Hands-on; 30 minutes)

Excel I: An Introduction

Learn the basic features of Excel including performing mathematical calculations, formatting data, and copying formulas. (Hands-on; 45 minutes)

Excel II: Going Beyond the Basics

Sharpen your Excel skills by learning about sorting, filtering, using templates, and consolidating spreadsheets. Prerequisite: Excel: An introduction or commensurate experience. (Hands-on; 45 minutes)

Excel III: Extract, Organize, and Summarize Your Data with Pivot Tables

Accomplish more with advanced functions in Excel. This session demonstrates how to use Pivot Tables. Prerequisite: Excel II: Going Beyond the Basics or commensurate experience. (Hands-on; 45 minutes)

Excel III: Finding Values with VLOOKUP

Accomplish more with advanced functions in Excel. This session demonstrates how to use VLOOKUP. Prerequisite: Excel II: Going Beyond the Basics or commensurate experience. (Hands-on; 30 minutes

Excel III: Macros

Accomplish more with advanced functions in Excel. This session demonstrates how to use Macros. Prerequisite: Excel II: Going Beyond the Basics or commensurate experience. (Hands-on; 30 minutes)

Getting the 411 on the Campus Phone System

Get acquainted with the campus phone system by attending this orientation session that covers common features of your phone, handling calls, and managing your phone settings and voicemail through the online CommPortal. (Presentation; 30 minutes)

Google Apps for Education: An Overview

Familiarize yourself with the tools available in Google Apps for Education by participating in a discussion about Mail, Calendar, Drive, and Sites. (Discussion; 30 minutes)

Implementing Moodle for Administrative Purposes

Learn how you can use Moodle, DePauw’s learning management system, for your department, group, or organization. (Hands-on; 45 minutes)

Insights on CyberSecurity

With today’s increasing interest in social networking sites, online banking, mobile computing, and other popular technology-related activities, CyberSecurity is a growing concern. During this session you will learn how to protect your data, your computer, and yourself. We will also discuss Information Service's guidelines for official communications and what you should do if you suspect a computer threat. (Discussion; 45 minutes)

Mail Merge: Microsoft Word and Google Apps

Learn how to create mail merge with Microsoft Word and Google Apps. (Hands-on; 45 minutes)

Refreshing Your Knowledge of Computing at DePauw

Enhance your understanding of your primary IT accounts, digital file and data management, e-Services, campus network printers, the campus phone system, and the many technology resources available to you as a member of the DePauw community. (Discussion; 45 minutes)

Staying on Track with Google Calendar

Learn about creating different type of events, using and sharing multiple calendars, creating event reminders, finding out when others are available to meet, and embedding a calendar in a web page. (Hands-on; 30 minutes)

Storing Materials in the Cloud

Discuss the features and best practices of online storage. (Discussion; 45 minutes)

Syncing Your Google Calendar to Your Mobile Device(s)

Learn how to sync your Google Calendar with your iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. Please email David Diedriech ( the mobile device(s) you are interested in learning how to sync so he can fine-tune this hands-on session to your needs. (Hands-on; One-on-one session)

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