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Information Security Awareness

Information Security is our shared responsibility.

DePauw’s ongoing information security (InfoSec) strategy combines technical and network safeguards, administrative safeguards based on policies and regulatory compliance, and campus-wide security awareness efforts to ensure use of best practices for handling institutional data.

Information Security Awareness is an important part of DePauw's ongoing efforts to promote information security across all aspects of the university.

After participating in this program, employees are prepared to:

  • Understand and comply with information security policies and protocols.

  • Properly use and protect the information security resources for which they are responsible.

  • Know how to recognize suspicious activity or unintentional compromise of institutional data.

Program Tutorials

  1. Mandatory Information Security Tutorials include modules that all faculty and staff members must complete. Topics include:

    • Cybersecurity Overview (including phishing)
    • Password Security Basics
    • Email and Messaging Safety
    • Browser Security
    • FERPA Confidentiality of Records
    • HIPPA
    These focus on what you can do to ensure information security (e.g., email, social media, passwords, file management, etc.) and what you should know about protecting data (e.g., privacy laws, FERPA, HIPAA, etc.). Log in at the SafeColleges training portal using your DePauw credentials.
  2. Additional (optional) InfoSec Tutorials are available and cover broad topics around information privacy, email and messaging, and others. See SafeColleges Extra Training for a list of available topics.

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Who to Contact

To ask questions, provide suggestions, or express any concerns about information security at DePauw, contact us at InfoSec@depauw.edu.

Last updated: 10-Mar-2021