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About Information Services

Our Mission

Information Services provides technologies that support the life of the University by facilitating inquiry, communication, and creativity, and seeks additional resources and IT innovations that promote the University’s leadership position in higher education. 

Ultimately, we know and believe that it is the connections that technology enables, not necessarily the technology itself, that are most important to our students, faculty, and staff.

We strive to

Inform, Educate, and Empower clients, who are our students, faculty, and staff

Consolidate, Standardize, and Virtualize processes

-- Carol L. Smith, Chief Information Officer

Divisions and Directors



 Areas of Responsibility

Application Services

Adam Hughes

Director of Administrative Information Services
(765) 658-4293


ID OneCard

Faculty Instructional Technology Support (FITS)

Veronica Pejril

Director of Faculty Instructional Support (FITS), Coordinator of the Music Instructional Technology Center (mitc), and Part-time Instructor of Music
(765) 658-6738

Faculty Instructional Technology Support (FITS)

Student Technology Support

Music Instructional Technology Center (MITC) and Recording Services

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Center


HelpDesk and User Services

Lynda LaRoche

HelpDesk and User Support Director
(765) 658-6600


Information Technology Training

Media Services

Clay Carter

Coordinator of Media Services
(765) 658-4395

Media Services

Core Infrastructure

James Ketterer

Director of IT Infrastructure

(765) 658-4580

Network, servers, telecommunications, multifunction printer/copiers/faxes

IT Procurement & Technical Services

Michael Moore

Manager of IT Procurement and Technical Services
(765) 658-4580

Student Laptop Program

Technology Purchases

Laptop Support Center

Printing Services

Desktop support & repairs

Technology-enhanced classrooms & labs

Information TEchnology Associates PRogram (ITAP)

Douglas Fellegy

Director of ITAP
(765) 658-6768

Information Technology Associates Program (ITAP)

ITAP digital video support

Related Programs

The Community Enhancement Technology Program (CTEP)