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Technology Purchases


All University technology-related purchases are made through Information Services to ensure compatibility with current systems and support programs. Our partnerships with major vendors and resellers enable us to handle purchases quickly and efficiently. We individuals and departments with University-related technology purchases by:

  • Assessing needs and recommending hardware and software
  • Ordering equipment and arranging installations
  • Coordinating vendor discounts
  • Managing licensing agreements

Standard Systems

Each year the University configures a set of standard laptop and desktop systems for faculty and staff: 

2018 Featured Systems

Off-Cycle Budget Requests

Requests for technology-related hardware and software purchases outside of the normal annual budget cycle may be submitted using the Off-Cycle Budget Request Form. Requests are reviewed monthly.

Contact Mike Moore at or (765) 658-4296 with questions or to discuss a computer request.

Personal Purchases

Visit Student & Employee Discounts to learn more about discounts that are available for personal purchases.

Student Laptop Program

All students entering DePauw are required to have a laptop computer and a copy of Microsoft Office. To meet the laptop requirement, students may purchase one of our Suggested Systems or bring a system of their choice based on our hardware recommendations. Learn more about these recommendation at Student Laptop Program.