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Student Laptop Program

Student Laptops 2023

Technology plays a significant role in many aspects of a student's life at DePauw. As such, DePauw expects all students to have a laptop computer to use in their coursework. Students find that having a personal laptop is invaluable for accessing online course materials, performing research, taking notes, completing coursework, and communicating with friends and family. In addition, because faculty members assume that each student owns a laptop, some instructors incorporate using a laptop into course assignments and sometimes require students to bring a laptop to class.

Hardware Recommendations

Information Services provides general recommendations and minimum configuration for laptop computers based on our network requirements and software compatibility.

Suggested systems

Both Apple and Windows based laptops will work fine at DePauw. No matter which platform you choose, you’ll want a computer that is no more than one or two years old so that it can run the latest software and serve you well during your four years at DePauw. 

Apple and Dell offer discounted pricing to DePauw students via their on-line stores. You can find links on our vendor page.


All students should have a recent copy of Microsoft Office. Students are able to download a full version of Microsoft Office at no cost. Learn more about this offer at Software Requirements.

Last updated: 10-Jan-2023