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First Year Student Speaks Out on Indiana's Proposed Change to Daylight Saving Time

January 26, 2005

Ali Murtaugh.jpgJanuary 26, 2005, Greencastle, Ind. - An article in today's Indianapolis Star on last night's People's Agenda forum quotes a first year student at DePauw University. At the forum, which was attended by citizens as well as state legislators, "Ali Murtaugh, 19, Lafayette, said she favored a change to daylight-saving time because a later sunset would reduce crime," write John Tuohy and Eric Martin. "With daylight-saving time, 'people get home from work and school and complete more errands and chores in daylight,' said Murtaugh, a student at DePauw University. 'By doing this, it allows them to reduce their exposure to various crimes which are more common in darkness.' She also said the switch would reduce car accidents."

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