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External Grants

Faculty members are encouraged to seek external funding to support their scholarly and creative endeavors; however, with only rare exceptions, external awards are made to DePauw University and hence grant proposals must be reviewed and approved (and usually submitted) by University officers.

The Faculty Development Coordinator regularly receives information about external grant opportunities. From time to time lists of grants for which faculty members may apply are circulated. In addition, records of DePauw faculty members who have received grants and who could give advice on planned grant applications are kept by the Faculty Development Coordinator and Academic Affairs.

Review of draft proposals, submission of grant proposals and monitoring of awarded grants is supported by Valerie O'Hair in Academic Affairs. For example, she can set up accounts for faculty members wishing to prepare federal grant proposals on-line. Ideas for grant applications should be explored with the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) or the Dean of Faculty as early as possible; draft proposals and draft budgets should be shared with the VPAA at least three weeks before the proposal deadline. Copies of these materials and award decisions should be sent to Valerie O'Hair (vohair @; x4159). Contacts may be made with private individuals or private foundations to explore possible external funding only after the ideas have been reviewed and approved by the VPAA. Any correspondence with funders, any offers of contributions, and any actual contributions directly received (such as checks, cash, or donated materials) should be immediately reported to the VPAA.