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“Maintaining the Liberal Arts”

Kathryn Bowlin, student in EDUC490 (EDUC Seminar)

IRB category I Addendum

Description of Study

Recognizing that there are strong pressures for liberal arts universities to change in order to remain competitive in the higher education marketplace, is DePauw University making efforts to maintain its traditional liberal arts roots?  If so, how is DePauw University working to maintain itstraditional liberal arts roots?  If not, what sort of new identity is DePauw University attempting to create for itself?  This survey is designed to investigate whether or not certain dominant themes of liberal arts exist at DePauw University by way of surveying on line? In person?students in their third or fourth year of the university.  Identifying certain dominant liberal arts themes what are these themes?at DePauw University will contribute to my research regarding the identity of DePauw University as a liberal arts institution and whether or not certain traditional liberal arts characteristics what are the characterisitcs? are present and/or being maintained.What are identified liberal arts characteristics that you are going to investigate? Additionally, understanding the concept of traditional liberal arts to encompass many components,Do you have a question guide that you will use when interviewing administration? I did not see such as part of the “additional materials” section. I will also conduct interviews with members of the administration which members?, collect and analyze  the mission statement, course offerings, degrees awarded to students from the graduation class of 2014, and draw on a varietywhat is meant by a variety—what other information? How will it be analyzed—according to what criteria? of other easily accessible information on the identity of DePauw University.


Informed Consent

The survey that you are being asked to participate in is a part of a senior research project conducted by Kathryn Bowlin. This project is being conducted as a part of Professor Eva Weisz’s EDUC490 A (Education Studies Seminar) course in the Education Department at DePauw University.  The survey focuses on the investigation of the dominant themes of liberal arts at DePauw University. If you choose to participate in this survey you will be asked questions regarding your experiences and viewpoints associated with DePauw University and its mission. The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.  Is this survey going to be given on line? In person?


When considering your participation in this study, we ask that you consider the following:

·       Participation is completely voluntary.

·       You may stop participating in this at any time without penalty.

·       No risks are involved.

·       The information in this study will be kept strictly confidential (no names recorded or used).

·       DePauw’s Institutional Review Committee has approved this study.

·       All information provided by you will be confidential.  Where will the data be kept? Who will have access to it? How long will the data be kept?


Debriefing Information

If you would like to learn more about the results of this study you may contact the researcher below after May 13, 2015. 


Faculty Sponsor: Eva Weisz – 765-658-1043 –

Student Sponsor: Kathryn Bowlin – 765-918-1580 –   




“Maintaining the Liberal Arts”



Part I:  Demographic Information


1)     Gender? (Self-identify):

a.      Male

b.     Female

c.      Other (specify) ­­­­_________________


2)     Undergraduate major(s)/minor(s)?  ___________________________________________


3)     Year of graduation?    ____________________________



Part II:  Survey Questions do these questions reflect the liberal arts characteristics you intend to investigate? If so, these characteristics need to be included in the description of the study.



1.        Have you developed close relationships with faculty members during your time at DePauw University?


Yes                 Somewhat                    No


2.        Have you developed close relationships with other students during your time at DePauw University?

Yes                  Somewhat                    No


3.        Are you usually acquainted with other students in your classes at DePauw University?


Yes                  Sometimes                   No


4.        How many clubs, sports teams, or organizations are you involved in at DePauw University?


0                      1-2                   3-4                   5 or more


      5.  What is the smallest number of students you have had in a class at DePauw University?


Less than 5                  6-10                 11-15               16 or more


  1. What is the largest number of students you have had in a class at DePauw University?


10-15               16-20               21-25               26-30               30 or more





7.     How many hours a week do you volunteer within the Putnam County community?


0                      1-2                   3-4                   5 or more


      8.  How many weekends do you spend off campus during a semester at DePauw University?


0-2                   3-4                   5-6                   7-8                   9 or more


    9.  I have an appreciation for lifelong learning for personal and professional satisfaction.


Strongly Agree            Agree              Neutral            Disagree          Strongly Disagree


    10.  I value intellectual challenge and personal growth.


Strongly Agree            Agree              Neutral                        Disagree          Strongly Disagree


    11.  I value the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, learning through      

           experience, and learning through reflection.


Strongly Agree            Agree              Neutral            Disagree          Strongly Disagree


    12.  I value the development of an appreciation and tolerance for a more diverse society.


Strongly Agree            Agree              Neutral            Disagree          Strongly Disagree