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Faculty Governance Steering Committee (FGSC)

At the September, 2005 faculty meeting the faculty voted: "That the Chairs of coordinating committees (COF, CAPP, MAO, SLAAC), the chairs of FDC and COA, and the Chair of the Faculty will serve on a steering committee for faculty governance. The Chair of the Faculty will serve as convener of the committee. The committee - designated the Faculty Governance Steering Committee (FGSC) - will meet regularly to oversee the faculty governance system and to engage in or delegate strategic planning matters for the faculty. The committee will assist the administration in directing its inquiries and requests for input to the appropriate faculty committee and, where necessary, in constituting representative adhoc committees." Academic Handbook

Faculty Governance Steering Committee 2014-2015
Bridget Gourley (Chair of the Faculty, FGSC Convener)
Susan Hahn (COF Chair)
John Caraher (CAPP Chair)
Jen Adams (MAO Chair)
Smita Rahman (SLAAC Chair)
Valentin Lanzrein (IGC Chair) (Fall semester)
Francesca Seaman (COA Chair)