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Faculty Personnel Policy and Review

Committee Members 2015-16

This committee shall represent the faculty by (a) recommending policy and procedures for personnel decisions to the faculty: (b) communicating procedures for personnel decisions to faculty members;(c) ensuring that candidates interviewing for initial appointment are informed of the procedures and criteria by which they will be evaluated; (d) considering evidence and testimony and consulting with and making recommendations to the President of the University in the following areas: appointment of new faculty members when requested by the Vice president for Academic Affairs; retention, advancement to tenure, promotion and dismissal of faculty members; and appointment, reappointment , and evaluation of department chairs; (e) considering the legal propriety and risks of all faculty personnel procedures, including those at the school and departmental level; and informing all faculty participants in personnel procedures of possible legal concerns.  Committee members must be tenured.

Position description
Representative (end of term)
Faculty member who considers the Arts their curricular home Eugene Gloria (2016)
Faculty member who considers the Humanities their curricular home Susan Wilson (2016)
Faculty member who considers the Mathematical, Computational or Natural Sciences their curricular home Dana Dudle (2017)
 Faculty member who considers the Social Sciences their curricular home Glen Kuecker (2016)
Fifth faculty member No candidate, still vacant (2017)
Sixth faculty member Mark Kannowski (Fall 2015) (interim chair)
No candidate, still vacant (2017) (18 month term)
Seventh faculty member Meryl Altman (2017)
Eighth faculty member Rich Cameron (2017)
Ninth faculty member Howard Brooks (2016)

Ex officio (without vote) VPAA (Anne Harris).

Deadlines for Reviews 2015-16

Criteria for Decisions

JC Prototype DPC Report

Guidelines for Personnel Reviews

Contents of the Decision File

Faculty Review CV Version 1

Faculty Review CV Version 2 

Student Opinion Survey

Alternative Student Opinion Survey

Peer Observation Policy and Procedures
(Full-Time Term and Part-Time Term section revised and effective December 4, 2011)

DePauw Open File Policy Form
DePauw University has an open file policy which states "Each individual or committee placing a document in the decision file must be identified in order for that document to be considered." (Academic Handbook, Personnel Policies, Section III.F.1.)

This means that anything to be included in a faculty member’s decision file is available to that faculty member as well as to the members of the committees reviewing the file. Therefore, an acknowledgment of this policy must be either included in or attached to any document submitted for consideration as part of a faculty member's decision file.