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Faculty Personnel Policy and Review

The Faculty Personnel Policy and Review Committee is a nine member faculty committee that represents the faculty regarding all personnel policies and the faculty review process. The Review Committee meets each Wednesday during the fall and spring semester when classes are in session.

See the Academic Handbook for functions and responsibilities of the Review Committee.

Summary Report of AY 2017-18

Student Opinion Survey Open Meeting 27 September notes

Committee Membership 2018 - 2019

Jeff Hansen, Chair
Rebecca Bordt
Bridget Gourley
Howard Pollack-Milgate (spring semester)
Kent Menzel
Jim Mills (spring semester)
Steven Snyder
Rob West
Susan Wilson

Peer Observation Policies and Procedures

Student Opinion Surveys

DePauw Open File Policy

DePauw University has an open file policy which states "Each individual or committee placing a document in the decision file must be identified in order for that document to be considered." (Academic Handbook, Personnel Policies, Section III.F.1.) Acknowledgment of this policy must be either stated in the signed document/letter or this form can be completed and attached.