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Faculty Priorities and Governance

Committee Members 2015-16

This committee oversees the faculty governance system and meets regularly to engage in or delegate strategic planning matters for the faculty.  The committee regularly considers how to balance major faculty conversations and other faculty business over the course of the academic year.  Additionally, this committee serves as a convenient venue for committees to share information and concerns.  This committee decides how the faculty should address issues that do not clearly fall within the purview of existing committees or whose impact would overlap the charge of multiple committees.  The committee will assist the administration in directing its inquiries and requests for input to the appropriate faculty committee and, where necessary, in balancing faculty service and interest.  Faculty Priorities and Governance makes faculty service assignments to standing and committees appointed as needed in consultation with the core faculty committees.

Position description
Representative (end of term)
Directly elected Pam Propsom (2017) (chair)
  Sheryl Tremblay (2016)
 Chair of Faculty Bridget Grourley (2016)
Representative from Curricular Policy and Planning Scott Thede (2016)
Representative from Faculty Development Marnie McInnes (2016)
Representative from Student Academic Life David Alvarez (2016)
Representative from Faculty Personnel and Policy Review Glen Kuecker
Ex officio - Chair of Chairs Lori Miles (2016)
(Note: Faculty Priorities and Governance will work with Faculty Development, Curricular Policy and Planning, Student Academic Life, and Faculty Policy and Personnel Review to stagger end of terms)

Minutes for 2015-16

September 22, 2015