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Emergency Notification

Immediate risk and imminent danger

In the event of a report of significant emergency, the Public Safety Office will gather information to confirm and assess the immediate threat to the health or safety of students, faculty and staff on campus. The campus community will be notified of the situation including evacuation or sheltering instructions. Without delay, the Public Safety Director or designee will inform and initiate a call-out of the Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT). Incident specific authorities and key personnel of CIRT, (i.e. University Physician for a public health emergency, Emergency Management Coordinator for a fire, chemical spill, etc....) will promptly create the appropriate message(s) to alert and instruct the Campus community.

The content of notification messages will take into account safety of the community, unless issuing notification will, in the professional judgment of our campus authorities, compromise efforts to assist a victim or to contain, respond to or otherwise mitigate the emergency. The Putnam County Emergency Operations Center will be the source for issuing any and all weather related emergency information such as declarations of Tornado Warnings by the National Weather Service.

What type of instances may initiate an Emergency Notification?

Emergency Notifications will be sent to the community when an imminent threat is perceived to the community. Instances may include severe weather, earthquake, gas leak, terrorist incident, armed intruder, bomb threat, civil unrest or rioting, explosion, a nearby chemical or hazardous waste spill, or public health emergencies.

How are Emergency Notifications Sent? 

Multiple modes of communication for campus notification will be utilized for the alert including SMS text messages via RAVE Alert, Campus e-mail, University website, calling trees, and Campus radio and television stations (when operable). In the event of an approaching tornado the Putnam County 911 Center will activate a warning siren and send an SMS text message from the County Emergency Operations Center. All students are required to provide an emergency telephone number and cellular carrier upon enrollment to facilitate delivery of emergency notification messages. 

Employees may register for the RAVE Alert system and messages from the Emergency Operation Center by visiting e-services and choosing the "Update my Profile" link under Employee e-services.  Add a check mark to indicate that you opt to receive SMS text messages.

Alert system tests are scheduled at least once each academic year and will be announced in advance.