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Planning for Emergencies

Preparedness, Response, Mitigation, and Recovery

The DePauw Police Department coordinates various university and community emergency response agencies and services to ensure DePauw University community members, all properties, facilities, and approved living units are prepared to respond to emergencies, mitigate impact, and recover from any critical incident or situation.

The Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs coordinates the University's Critical Incident Management Team (CIMT). The CIMT team has three main purposes in the event of a critical incident:

  • assess current needs not being addressed by the on-site command center
  • coordinate and delegate responses and solutions to these needs
  • minimize the long-term effects on the university community potentially caused by a critical incident by reacting quickly and efficiently in the short-term.

The CIMT team is comprised of an executive planning team and a series of pods that work on dedicated action items related to their areas of expertise: logistics, communication and finance. In addition to CIMT, depending on the level of response required, other committees may be activated including International Risk Assessment, Emergency Preparedness and others. 

The DePauw Police Department and the Student Academic Life office form policy and prepare response protocol, as well as provide annual testing of "response and evacuation" procedures via table top exercises. Testing is also conducted via emergency notification tests, as well as fire safety and building evacuation drills.

Please direct any questions or assistance for developing a personal emergency preparedness plan to the DePauw Police Department at 765-658-5555, or visiting our office located in the lower level of 101 E. Seminary St.