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Risk Management

Resources, policies & programming for a safe community

The presence of high risk alcohol use and substance abuse is an unfortunate reality on many college campuses.  To combat this reality at DePauw, the University administration and Greek community have partnered to create a culture of harm reduction and care for our students.  Working together to develop policy and programming, our effort is to create an atmosphere which places student safety and well-being as the paramount concern for our fraternities, sororities and the rest of the DePauw community.

Campus Living and Community Development works with student leadership to help maintain compliance with all of their governing organizations’ risk management procedures.  The University event management procedure provides a framework for our students to host safe and responsible events falling in line with University, headquarters and FIPG policies.  Listed below are the risk management guidelines for FIPG and the event management procedure at DePauw University.  Other materials may be available at request by e-mailing

Learning Collaborative on High-Risk Drinking
National College Health Improvement Project, Dartmouth College

In addition to our campus risk management efforts and education, in May of 2011 DePauw joined thirty-two elite institutions in the National Learning Collaborative on High Risk Drinking. Utilizing a public health model - and led by Dartmouth College President Jim Yong-Kim - this program provides an unprecedented opportunity for some of the nation's finest institutions to develop, test and share findings on programming designed to fight high risk alcohol use and abuse on college campuses.   

For more information on the Learning Collaborative, please refer to the additional links and resources section listed below.

Event Management & Registration Information

To provide fraternities, sororities and other residential units on campus with a framework to be proactive in their risk management strategies, DePauw requires certain steps to be taken in order to host social events on campus.  The document below includes the specific event registration procedures for Greek chapters, University owned houses and apartments and Rector Village suites.  

UOAH & Rector Village Event Registration Guidelines

Event Registration Procedure for Greek Events

If you are planning to host a social event on campus and you have attended an event management session, registration can be completed online.

Campus Living & Community Development Event Registration Form

Risk Management Contact Information

NamePositionPhone NumberE-mail Address
Myrna Hernandez Assistant Dean of Students for Campus Living & Community Development 765.658.4062
Angie Nally Director of Public Safety 765.658.5555
James Brashaber Vice President of Risk Management, Interfraternity Council 765.658.4062
Katie Manalo Vice President of Risk Management, Panhellenic Council 765.658.4062

Additional Links & Resources about Risk Management

NCHIP Learning Collaborative on High Risk Drinking
Local Venue Information
FIPG Risk Management Policy

Alcoholic Beverage Policy for Students