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Living in community means we care about the people around us and have the obligation to look out for one another.

It is common for students to face a variety of challenges - academic, personal, spiritual, and emotional - during their time on campus. The CARE Team assists student directly and helps faculty, staff, friends, and parents as they support students who may be facing difficult situations, working through an unusually hard time, or whose behavior may be of concern to others.

The Students of Concern Team is a multidisciplinary campus committee that includes representatives from Academic Life, the Dean of Students' Office, and Campus Living and Community Development.

Members of this year's team include:

Julia Sutherlin (Convener)
Dave Berque (Academic Life)
Amanda Halfacre (Campus Living and Community Development)
Kelley Hall (Academic Life)
Meggan Johnston (Dean of Students' Office)
Julianne Miranda (Academic Life)
Cara Setchell (Dean of Students' Office)
Wendy Wippich (Campus Living and Community Development)