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How Care Works

How CARE Works

1. A CARE form is submitted when someone is concerned about a student.

Anyone in our community can submit a CARE form if they are concerned about a student. Most often it is faculty and staff who have had an interaction with a student or learned information about a student that they want to make sure is passed to the appropriate support staff. Once you hit submit you will receive an email indicating that the CARE Team is activating a coordinated response.

If you have additional information you would like to share, please email us directly at care@depauw.edu.

2. The CARE Team gathers information and reaches out to the student of concern to offer support and additional resources.

The CARE Team manager reads all submitted forms and emails and mobilizes the CARE Team to formulate a response that best supports the student’s needs. If additional information is needed, the CARE Team manager will reach out to those who have the student in class and/or work with the student on a regular basis to collect it.

3. If there are no additional concerns from the student or faculty and staff involved, the CARE report is considered closed.

If you are still concerned about a student or the situation seems to get worse or change, please reach out to the CARE Team at care@depauw.edu or feel free to submit another form.

Once I submit a concern will I hear back from the CARE Team?

No, not necessarily. The CARE Team is working hard to meet with the student and get them connected to the appropriate resources. You may be contacted if additional information is needed but not always. The CARE Team views their interactions with students as private matters and cannot share that information without the students consent.

On occasion, the CARE Team will send out emails to a student’s professors letting them know the student is dealing with health or personal matters that may affect their attendance and/or academic performance. These emails are for informational purposes only to assist you as you work with the student. It is the student’s responsibility to work with you to make up any missed work/assignments based on your classroom policies.

I emailed the CARE Team about a student but haven’t seen any improvements

Getting a student connected to campus resources takes time as does seeing visible results in a student who may be seeking additional support (i.e. Counseling Services). Please be patient with the student as they work to get themselves “back on track”. We understand that it is hard to watch a student struggle and as a result jeopardize their academics, but rest assured that the CARE Team is doing everything they can to support the student.