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A Faculty and Staff Guide to Supporting Students

A faculty and staff guide to supporting students

Many DePauw University students face challenges during their time on campus. This guide is a resource from the Office of Student Affairs and Academic Affairs to assist faculty and staff members as they support students in difficult situations.

What student behaviors should I bring to the attention of others and how?

If you have a concern but do not know where to start, contact the CARE Team at care@depauw.edu or other resource, as listed at the bottom of this document. The CARE Team (Concern, Assessment, Response, Evaluation) provides coordinated assistance to students who are exhibiting concerning behaviors that disrupt their academic and/or social well-being at DePauw. 

The CARE Team consists of staff members from key offices that interact with and support students. This team meets weekly to consult about students of significant concern when issues may extend beyond just classroom performance. The purpose of this group is to share information provided by faculty or staff members during the week in order to determine if any interventions should be made with an individual student. Information shared during this meeting is private and often no action is taken on a single piece of knowledge.

Emergencies should be reported to DePauw Police at 765-658-5555 or 911. 

Examples of behaviors to share with the CARE Team could include:

● Change in behavior, such as becoming withdrawn

● Appearing extremely down or depressed

● Significant anxiety or crying in class

● Prolonged physical health issues



● Unusual difficulty transitioning to college

● Potential alcohol or drug abuse

● Consistently sleeping in class

● Missing class excessively or for an extended time

Click here to issue a CARE alert.


Non-Academic Concerns

What if that personal concern involves sexual assault or sexual harassment?

If a student or colleague shares with you that they have been victim of sexual violence or sexual harassment, your first step is to ensure that person is referred to campus and/or local resources. Next, you are legally obligated to report incidents of sexual violence or sexual harassment to the Title IX coordinator or campus law enforcement, unless you are designated a “confidential source” by the University. Confidentiality has a particular legal meaning and only a handful of DePauw employees are designated as confidential including health care providers (medical doctors, licensed counselors) and ordained clergy providing pastoral care. DePauw Sexual Assault Survivor Advocates (SASAs) have limited confidentiality. While you cannot promise confidentiality, you can assure the person disclosing to you that you will respect their privacy. Please inform the student that you are obligated to report the concern to the Title IX Coordinator. Often this is enough to allay their concerns.

If a student shares with you that they have been accused of violating the sexual misconduct policy, they should be connected to a campus advisor. The Office of Student Affairs and the Title IX Office have resource materials and trained staff who can answer many of your questions and provide assistance. Julia Proctor, the Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students, can be reached at 765-658-5473 or by email juliaproctor@depauw.edu.

Financial hardships

If students confide in you about difficulty purchasing books, refer them to the Financial Aid Office at 765-658-4030. There is a book purchasing procedure between Financial Aid and Eli’s Books. For difficulties with tuition costs, refer students to the Financial Aid Office to discuss possible loan options or to the Business Office at 765-658-4015 to discuss payment plans. If a student has an emergency expense and needs assistance, refer them to the Office of Student Affairs to inquire about a short-term emergency loan. 

Bias-related incidents

For students seeking support concerning bias-related incidents, please direct them to the Bias Incident Response team or DePauw Police.

Prolonged physical health issues or illness and injury

For illness or injury, students may visit DePauw Health. DePauw Health Services is staffed by medical doctors and other medical staff from Hendricks Regional Health. Hours for students can be accessed on their webpage. Please note that DePauw Health works like a regular physician’s office and does not take walk-ins and can not always offer same day appointments. If this is an emergency call DePauw Police (765-658-5555) or 911. Additionally, DePauw Health and Counseling Services do not write notes for students regarding missed classes. Students are expected to communicate with their instructors about making up work if they have been sick. More information about the class attendance and absence policy can be found here.

Emotional challenges/mental health concerns

If a student confides an emotional challenge or mental health concern to you – e.g., depression, anxiety, substance abuse, disordered eating, traumatic experience, grief/loss, elevated stressors, etc. – suggest scheduling an appointment with Counseling Services (765-658-4268).  If you would like to consult with a counselor regarding concern about a student, contact Counseling Services during business hours (Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.). Please note that Counseling Services cannot confirm their contact or discuss any interactions with a specific student.

Counseling Services offers walk-in/crisis appointments Monday - Friday at 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.  After-hours (evening, weekend, semester breaks) crisis support for students is available by calling the office number, where students will be transferred to a clinician on-call (through ProtoCall Services, Inc.).  In the event of a medical or life-threatening emergency, you should contact DePauw Police or 911 immediately.  Additionally, Counseling Services generally does not provide documentation for students regarding missed classes.  Students are expected to communicate with their instructors about making up academic work if they have been ill.  More information about the class attendance and absence policy can be found here.

I emailed the CARE Team (or another resource) about a student but haven’t seen any improvements

Getting a student connected to campus resources takes time as does seeing visible results in a student who may be seeking additional support (i.e. Counseling Services). Please be patient with the student as they work to get themselves “back on track”. We understand that it is hard to watch a student struggle and as a result jeopardize their academics, but rest assured that the CARE Team is doing everything they can to support the student.

Sometimes students do not want the type of support offered or despite taking the support, continue patterns of destructive behavior. In non-life-threatening situations, it is ultimately the student’s decision. We do our best to inform all students that they should communicate with their professors about what is going on (to a level they are comfortable with) and that they are still subject to the rules laid out in the academic and student handbook’s along with each class’s individual policies/assignments.


Academic Concerns

How should I respond when a student is disrupting my class?

      Severely troubling or disruptive behaviors

If a student is extremely agitated, screaming, actively making threats of harm to self or others, or engaging in aggressive or dangerous behaviors, do not try to handle the situation on your own and risk harming yourself or others.  Call DePauw Police at 765-658-5555 or call 911 immediately.

For other inappropriate behavior that does not involve physical violence, consult the classroom atmosphere policy in the Academic Handbook. Faculty members should warn the student in writing that the behavior is unacceptable. If the disruption continues, stronger measures may be needed. Consult with Scott Spiegelberg, Dean of Academic Programs, Assessment and Policies, at 765-658-4359.

 Support for understanding content

  •  Academic Resource Center (ARC)
    Peer tutors are available for consultations on different skills or topics. Located in 115 Asbury Hall.

  • Writing Center
    Writing Center tutors provide writing help to writers of all levels of ability.

  • Speaking and Listening Center
    S Consultants can help students with preparing presentations, performances, developing discussion and interviewing skills, and preparing effective visuals.

  • Quantitative Reasoning Center
    The Q-Center is the place to get tutoring in classes that are based on problem solving and quantitative reasoning.

  • STEM Guide Peer Tutoring
    Trained students in science and mathematics will serve as peer tutors, T.A.s, or study group leaders for core math and science courses. 

Documented and undocumented disabilities, temporary impairments (i.e. concussions, broken bones, surgery)

  • Student Accessibility Services (studentaccessibility@depauw.edu, 765-658-6267)
    SAS assists students seeking accommodations for documented disabilities and can also assist students in exploring the documentation process should they suspect they have a disability. Students needing assistance with temporary impairments can seek temporary impairment accommodations through SAS.

 Internships, careers and off-campus study

  •  Hubbard Center
    The Hubbard Center Coquillette Peer Consultants (CPCs) help students develop and refine their resumes and cover letters.  They help students become aware of professional opportunities available through the Hubbard Center. They also can answer basic questions about Extended Studies and semester-long off-campus opportunities.

Language assistance for multilingual international students

  • If you are working with an international student who could use assistance with writing, reading, or speaking in English, contact Lynn Ishikawa or Tamara Stasik in English for Academic Purposes.

Student information changes and questions regarding graduation requirements

  • Office of the Registrar (Registrarsoffice@depauw.edu, 765-658-4141) – Please note their new location: Julian Science and Mathematics Center, 1st floor

 Important Phone Numbers and Offices

Office of Student Affairs
Memorial Student Union Building, Room 210



Alan Hill, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

DACA & Undocumented Student Resources



Justin and Darrianne Christian Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Counseling Services
Buehler Health and Wellness Suites Lily Center, 2033

765-658-4268 (24-hour access to a licensed professional counselor)


Dr. Trevor Yuhas, Assistant Dean of Student Wellness and Director of Counseling Services and Staff Psychologist

DePauw Health (medical)
Buehler Health and Wellness Suites Lily Center



Dr. David Harsha, DePauw Health Medical Director and team physician

DePauw Police
101 E. Seminary Street, lower level



Charlene Shrewsbury, Chief of Police

Office of the Registrar


LaTonya Branham, University Registrar and Dean of Academic Services

Sexual Assault Survivor Advocate (SASA) Hotline



Available 24/7 for students

Spiritual Life



Rev. Dr. Maureen Knudsen Langdoc, University Chaplain and Associate Dean

Title IX


Julia Proctor, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students