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Grade Reports

Grade Reports & Academic Information about our community

Commitment to scholarship and academics is a pillar of the fraternity and sorority community. Each fraternity and sorority will develop a scholarship program that reflects its commitment to academic excellence and that challenges all members to achieve academically.

Grade Report Information/Statistics

Spring 2014 Fraternity Grade Report

Spring 2014 Sorority Grade Report

Spring 2014 MGC-NPHC Grade Report

Fall 2013 Fraternity Grade Report

Fall 2013 Sorority Grade Report

Fall 2013 MGC-NPHC Grade Report

Spring 2013 Fraternity Grade Report

Spring 2013 Sorority Grade Report

Fall 2012 Fraternity Grade Report

Fall 2012 Sorority Grade Report

Spring 2012 Fraternity Grade Report

Spring 2012 Sorority Grade Report

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Scholarship Expectations for fraternities & sororities