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Registration for On-Campus Winter Term Courses

Winter Term On-Campus Course Offerings

Offerings for Winter Term are available from the Schedule of Classes (select WT from the term menu). This registration is only for on-campus courses, not off-campus courses, internships and independent projects. On-campus courses will have a schedule of classes number (SOC#) in the far left column of the listing. 

Course descriptions are available by clicking the link in the course number. Be sure to read the course description for fees, prerequisites and information about special permission to enroll.

Registration Process

Registration for on-campus Winter Term courses is by direct enrollment. To add a Winter Term course to your Semester I schedule, you will use the course registration adjustment, not the request system.

To enroll in a course, you will enter the SOC# from the schedule of classes. The first screen of the adjustment system has a list of terms available for adjustments. Select the Winter Term Adjustment Menu. You can add, drop and exchange on-campus Winter Term courses. 

You cannot use this system to add or drop off-campus or internship courses. Contact the Hubbard Center to make these adjustments.

Special Permission

Some courses require special permission to enroll (S-P=ALL). Read the course description for instructions on obtaining special permission and contact the instructor. Some S-P=ALL courses are enrolling students through lists kept by the instructor; others are using special permission access codes (SPACs).

Course Load

Winter Term courses are part of your Semester I course load, along with your Fall Term courses. Your semester tuition covers up to 4.5 course credits in the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) and 5.0 credits in the School of Music. If your Winter Term enrollment puts you over the credit maximum, you will be billed for a tuition overload. Some courses are exempt from the course load calculation. A list, along with a more detailed description of the course load policy, is on the Extended Studies page.

Please note that withdrawn courses are included in your semester course load. If you were enrolled in 4.25 course credits for the Fall Term, withdrew from a .25 credit course after the end of the add/drop period (first week of classes), and then added a .5 credit Extended Studies course, your course load for the semester would be 4.75. You would be charged for a .25 credit overload.


1. Review the list of offerings ahead of your registration window and have a list of courses with the SOC# ready when your registration window opens. 

2. Use the exchange feature to drop and add at the same time. If you enroll in a course then see an opening in another course you like better, you can do the exchange. If the course you want fills before your order gets processed, you will still be in the original course.

3. If you are interested in a course that is already full, keep checking the Schedule of Classes to see if anyone drops the course.  In addition, some faculty members keep wait-lists or provide Special Permission Access Codes (SPACs) to students who have a good reason for enrolling in a particular course.